Hello Winter $1000 Cash Giveaway

Hello Winter $1000 Cash Giveaway
Who’s ready for another cash giveaway? We’ve got another great cash giveaway for you so welcome to the Hello Winter $1000 Cash Giveaway! It’s also open worldwide! I know a lot of our great fans overseas have been waiting for another awesome giveaway! Tell us what you would do with the extra cash if you won! I would love to win some extra cash to do some home remodeling. I can’t win it but you can! Good luck everyone!

Giveaway ends February 24th, 11:59 pm EST.


To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below! Remember that all entries besides the mandatory comment entry are optional.

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  • Derek

    I’d buy my girlfriend an engagement ring if I win

    • Michele Karczewski

      Aww. I would pay off some student loans!!

  • Stephanie Larison

    I would use the money to get the rest of my husbands dental work done, he’s needed it for so long!

  • Margaret Smith

    I would use $300 of the money to pay for my oldest sons driving school lessons (in NJ it’s manatory that the kids take lessons). I’d take $300 and replace the other sons retainer that’s cracking and the balance I’d save for a little emergency fund.
    Thanks so much.

  • I would put it towards a car =D

  • Ann Fantom

    I would buy an iPad Mini and save the rest for a rainy day

  • darlene

    go on a big shopping spree

  • Bev Maloy

    50/50, $500 for me and $500 for Mom.

  • Heidi


  • Jane Ritz

    I would use this for 2 house payments.I’m out of work with nothing coming in.. I’m needing a miracle as I try to hang on. Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Jason Crooks

    I would put it towards our vacation to Orlando.

  • joseph s

    pay a few bills

  • pd reimer

    I would buy next year’s textbooks!

  • Tanya B

    Take a cruise

  • Alison King

    I’d go on a trip to Europe!

  • Ruth T

    I would pay my bills!

  • basab

    I will buy galaxy s3

  • Anika Hughes

    I use some for bills and then buy some clothes for myself, my boyfriend and our 2 daughters.

  • Vanessa S

    I would pay down some bills….

  • I would put some away for retirement, the rest for my family and my local SPCA. Thanks!

  • Jen Hutchinson

    It would all go to my landlord:( We would be truly blessed to win

  • I would buy a new microwave and vacuum, do some grocery shopping, pay some bills and get pizza for dinner!

  • Megan Blumenthal

    This could be the miracle I need!! Thanks for the giveaway

  • jules mcnubbin

    pay bills and get my car worked on

  • jodi frasier

    I would use it to pay on some bills. Thanks

  • Kiara

    I would pay bills.

  • Leah CB

    It’s ho-hum, but I would pay bills.

  • Aimee C

    It would be a god sent gift for sure! We are in desperate need of a car and this and our tax return would be oh so very helpful in getting one that isnt falling apart! Awesome opportunity, thanks! : )

  • ruth ramos

    i would pay some bills and the rest i would put it towards a trip we have to take to see our son, he is in the military.

  • Jacqueline Lane

    OMG! I would pay off some bills and buy whatever I need for my garden this year!! 🙂 and that would be AWESOME! :))))))

  • Tammy

    I would pay some bills!

  • Trillina Palemi

    mm many things for me and for my family

  • Use it to pay for a vacation with the family we’ve been saving for

  • I would fix my car and pay off a credit card

  • Kristy Willms

    Id buy things for the house!

  • use it to buy new toys a kindle fie new digital camera and what the heck new eye glasses. now where’s that post comment button

  • Cynthia C

    I would help my kids financially

  • Dwayne Berry

    If I won, I’d pay it on bills.

  • Lynn

    first pay off credit card, second start saving for a vacation

  • Horace

    I would get the iPad that I always wanted and pay bills with the rest.


    I’d get much needed dental work…UGH

  • Terri Quick

    I’d split it with my mom 🙂

  • marleana r

    i would set up my daughter room like a tiona

  • Ruby Yoshi

    I’d move the money to my savings account. It has low balance.

  • Amy G.

    I would pay bills.

  • Rayna Miller

    I would put the money in my college fund.

  • Rayna Miller

    I would put the money in my college fund.

  • pamela hopper

    I would catch up on my mortgage payment.

  • John Joseph

    I will put it in a cd if I win

  • Cory

    Besides getting a few things for myself, I would get many things for my family.

  • Cálaeb Temple

    i would buy a cruiser bike and save the rest of the money.

  • Patrick Miller

    Looking to buy a tablet.

  • Linda Lansford

    I will buy food

  • Renee Harris

    save it up for school.

  • Tari Lawson

    I would put it in my son’s college fund.

  • Danielle Papsis

    Oh my gosh! There’s so many things I can think of. It’s hard to pick. I’d replace a few windows and buy gardening and canning supplies.

  • Erica R

    I would put it towards a vacation

  • Greg

    I’d buy a laptop

  • Peter

    I would get my wife an iPad and spend the rest on bills.

  • Holly S.

    Pay some bills and go on vacation! Thanks!

  • Suzanne K

    I’d use it for a vacation to San Francisco!

  • stacy norris

    I will pay some bills!

  • blessedta

    Pay bills

  • Margie Young

    I would fly to VA and visit my Dad.

  • Heidi Gail

    I’d go to Disneyland with my kids and grandkids.

  • abbi

    Pay for my kids schooling

  • Wendy Pogrant

    I would pay bills with it.

  • Anastasia

    I would use it to visit my family, who all live far away 🙁

  • joni

    Buy college things for my daughter.

  • Leslie S.

    Can anyone say “car repair bills.” 🙁

  • Robin

    I would get caught up on so many bills if I had this money!!

  • gia

    it will help me to survive right now. times are hard.

  • Virginia Rowell

    I would paint the house!


    I’d love to buy myself an i-pad.

  • Marla

    I’d put it away in savings:)

  • I’d pay up all the bills I could before I get married!

  • i would buy a ipad and use the rest to have my car fixed.

  • Sierra

    I would give 10% to God and enjoy my birthday Feb 14th and put the rest up for the rainy days.

  • Mary Calabrese

    I’d pay for my husband to go to Denver to see his parents.

  • Cassandra

    I would pay off some bills, if I won.

  • Joe T.

    It would help to pay off my student loans.

  • Sally Gairrett

    I would take me and my just married hubby on a real honeymoon!

  • Ellen C.

    I would use it on a camping trip this summer. Thanks for the chance.

  • Kristy A

    I would use it to pay off some of that Disney World vacation that we took last month!

  • Erin (P) G

    I would buy a new pair of glasses(mine are from ’07 and the Rx is different now) and I would pay off the balance of my credit card.

  • Lynn Matthews

    pay off my bills

  • Erin

    I would save it for school

  • Jennifer Hedden

    I would save it to put toward a much needed vacation.

  • Selene M.

    I’d put toward our rv expenses.

  • Heather S

    I would pay bills

  • Myrna

    I would buy some clothes for work and pay some bills.

  • RussR

    Buy low and sell high!

  • kim

    I would pay some of my bills off

  • vicki a harrison

    could really use this

  • Leslie

    One half towards my student loan payment and the other towards my rent! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • John

    I will pay off my bills.

  • Kyl Neusch

    pay my bills

  • Andrea

    I would put it towards a car.

  • Valerie L

    Pay some bills and maybe buy some stuff for the home

  • Sue

    I’d use it for property taxes and new gutters!

  • Lee Black

    I would use it to pay some bills!!!

  • mara zamora

    I would pay off my daughter’s hospital bills and buy her some clothes .

  • Helen Stockwell

    I would put the money away into my IRA for retirement

  • Jessica S.

    I would use $1000 for a family vacation.

  • Darleen Fulgham

    pay bills

  • Marta H.

    Clothes and shoes.

  • Michelle G.

    Bills, clothes, fill the chest freezer, shoes. Not necessarily in that order.

  • Trisha B

    Pay bills!!!

  • Margaret P

    I would put it towards paying off my credit card.

  • Atiya Y.

    If I won $1000, I would put it towards the cost of fixing my roof after Hurricane Sandy. 🙁

  • Kay Pack

    Pay off some bills.

  • Katie K

    I would pay my student loan !

  • Gabe A.

    Pay off some of my medical bills.

  • Christina S.

    Sadly, pay down some bills.

  • ty for a CHANCE TO WIN

  • Raymon Sherrell

    I would pay off either the honeymoon cruise I’m taking with my wife in June or pay some bills.

  • nicole

    this is so awesome, praying for the right person to win

  • Laura Lemons

    pay a couple of bills and spluge on something just for me!

  • carol roberts

    fix my truck

  • Andrea Perra Hadfield

    as much as I’d love to blow it and take a vacation or buy “things”, I’d have to do the responsible thing and pay bills!

  • Amy Peschel

    Catch up on bills.

  • Iwould use the money for landscaping.

  • Matt

    It would go to bill and a new car battery.

  • jessica Hardin

    I would pay some bills and treat my sons…

  • Aditya Bhatt

    I would buy a iPhone 5 lol jk a new bike !

  • Collette

    Spend it on my vacation to Hawaii

  • Cindy S.

    I would pay some bills!

  • Angela Killingsworth

    I would buy things for our farm. <3

  • I would use it towards re-doing my bathroom!!

  • Leticia Collado

    I’d give my boyfriend an amazing gift he deserves!

  • I need a refrigerator, mine died.

  • Brad

    I would get presents for my kids

  • Sarah S

    I would pay my bills.

  • S Ferguson

    pay off a credit card

  • Naomi

    I would pay the IRS

  • Claire

    I’d put it towards a vacation

  • Angela W

    pay my medical bills

  • Pay some bills and do some shopping!!

  • Pim

    Take a vacation!

  • denny

    buy a laptop

  • buy a juicer 🙂

  • Joana Carvalho

    Bought a machine photography

  • Theresa Reed

    I would pay some bills and spend a little on my boys and myself.

  • Jorge Alexander Granda

    I would buy a few things that I need. Maybe, memory for my laptop.


    go shopping

  • Chyme Henriksson

    Spend the money for vacation.

  • Rickyroko

    To travel with my sister

  • Heather Adamson

    I would buy my mother the couch she has been wanting and help her with bills.

  • $1000 would go towards new tires on my car, the renewal of registrations for both of our vehicles, and bills!

  • Christina Sparks

    Buy new tires

  • Roxana Z.

    I would pay some bills and I would buy some books and clothes.

  • Susan P.

    I would buy new appliances for the kitchen.

  • Pay Bills!

  • Vicky D

    I would use it for a trip to Disneyland with my grandkids!


    I need to get a new washing machine.

  • Kevin

    Awesome! Sounds great!

  • Lisa F.

    I would pay off some of the credit card balance. 🙂

  • Rhonda M.

    I would like to go on vacation but I would probably just save the money for bills.

  • becky l

    give to my mom

    • Marcia Hutcherson

      I would save it for my son’s college education.

  • waqar

    i will buy a laptop,a tablet and a good phone..

  • Jessica D

    I would put the money towards an overseas trip 🙂

  • Natasha Brodsky

    I would put the money towards a family vacation.

  • Emilie P.

    I’d definitely put it towards a car, I need one badly 🙂

  • Maria Iemma

    I will buy a new recliner chair – mine just broke! Thank you

  • gnomy gnome

    Save the money for a vacation!

  • Hope

    With $1000 I would go on vacation

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  • Jennifer Lachman

    I would get leaky my roof fixed.

  • Jessie W.

    I wish I could say I’d do fun stuff…unfortunately it would go towards bills. :/

  • kimberly hamilton

    i want it ,,to pay some bills

  • Amanda

    I’d pay some of my parents’ bills.

  • charlotte

    I’d spend it on supplies for when I go to uni in 9 months 🙂

  • Karen Anderson

    I’m looking at a scary tax bill this year (cuz I had to tap out the IRA to get by) and have no way to pay it. So, I guess the answer is that I would send it to the IRS.

  • Kristin

    This would help pay for my 10 week study abroad trip to Barcelona that’s coming up soon.

  • Tammy Dalley

    I would buy a new Tv!!!

  • april yedinak

    Pay some bills and get my kids some clothes.

  • crystle tellerday

    home repairs

  • sangamangi

    I would pay my bills, with this money

  • Rebekah M

    If I win I’d maybe take a little trip and do some improvements to my house.

  • Rebekah M

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  • Barb

    pay off some bills

  • Chelsea

    If I won, I’d make a huge dent in my student loans payments. 🙂

  • nathania hunter

    Pay bills and move!

  • Lindsey Roberts

    If I win the $1000, I would pay off a couple of bills and take my honey out to a romantic evening followed by a night in a hotel in downtown Denver! 🙂 Sounds fantastic!

  • charj

    Get some repairs done, get some books on my wish list, and save the rest

  • michele macias

    vegas baby!!!

  • I would use it towards home repairs

  • renee

    I would use it on bills/ save it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • iamtiffa

    I would pay off a couple bills and buy some new books!!!

  • Candice

    I would buy some things the help with my photography hobby!

  • Jayme Hennessy

    We are moving to the DC and I would use these monies to help us with our relocation endeavor.

  • lindsay waggoner

    I would pay my bills! And if there was any left, prolly not, but if there was I would put it towards my wedding in october.

  • I would donate 50% I am doing well Thanks

  • Ashley S

    Put it towards our house we’re building this year!

  • Athena Nguyen

    I’d use a little of the money to buy myself some new clothes, I haven’t gone clothes shopping since forever! I’d give the rest to my mom to help pay the rent~

  • Winston Casco

    I would bay a smartphone, a tablet and some clothes

  • Pay off a credit card so I could get closer to getting a down payment for a home.

  • tami s

    I would put it towards the down payment on a car I desperately need

  • Nuwan C.

    I will be damned to win this 1000bucks…. gotta be ssooooo lucky i guess :d

  • Amanda L

    I would travel home to see my parents!

  • Go visit my father, whom I have not seen in 8 years! The last time I saw him I was pregnant with my youngest.

  • Tina W.

    I would take care of some things around the house and maybe go on a trip to somewhere warm.

  • Veronica

    Give some to my family and pay off some of my tuition

  • Anna Ryu

    I would pay some bills and stuff for my family.

  • Alison

    Pay off some bills!

  • Bonnie Wilks

    I would send my husband fishing.


    I would pay my car insurance and mortgage.

  • Penny A

    Get my daughters some clothes.

  • Stephanie Holland

    Home improvements!!

  • Ellie W

    My husband and I would both go to the dentist.

  • Judith VanAlphen

    This is so against facebook rules. Can not use like for entries per rules. Too bad they don’t enforce it.

    • I am very sorry you feel this way. Per Facebook rules you must have the “likes” on an entry form. If we are mistaken, can you please show me where in the rules this is not right? We do have many giveaways that do not require this many “likes”. The reason we are able to give away the $1,000 is because we pool together money as bloggers to bring these giveaways to you. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Jennifer H

    Pay some bills and maybe splurge on the children
    jenhedger at hotmail dot com

  • Liz

    I’d put it towards student loans!

  • Kim Henrichs

    I would pay a bill off.

  • richelle bowers

    pay bills and buy a new dining table

  • Taylor Buck

    new tires and school bill

  • I would use it toward moving my family to New Hampshire from Kentucky

  • Linda Z

    You rule!! This is a great contest!

  • April V.

    I’d get my husband a used car!

  • Theresa

    Buy my kids a swing set.

  • I’d take my Mom on a trip to a spa!

  • Deepak

    If I won a thousand dollars I’d definitely buy myself the best music keyboard/synth/workstation and home recording gear to live my dream of being a music composer.

  • Angelina J

    Id put it towards a new car.

  • Shane B

    i would use part of it for bills and then some on my kids!

  • Cynthia DeLong

    I would make some home improvements.

  • LMPadgett

    I would buy a computer for my daughter and a battery for my car.

  • Sarah Z

    Pay some bills that I am behind on!

  • Get caught up on bills!

  • Brooke Williamson

    I would use it towards my Jamaica vacation this summer!!! 🙂

  • debbie campbell

    I am trying to go see my mom in California, so this would help pay airfare for my family.

  • Spend it!

  • Julie Cutshaw

    I would use the money for a beach trip thank you for the chance to win sewitupjulie@gmail.com

  • Heather Diotte

    I would use it towards paying off my credit card!

  • Edria Fleming

    Since it’s almost my birthday month. I would pay bills with one half and party with the other half.

  • melinda mccourt

    I would pay bills..

  • cindy mckean

    I would use it towards eyeglasses & medical bills. Thanks for the chance!

  • Erica Pallutch

    I would put it on my student loans!!!! How amazing!

  • lydia goodman

    sports camps this summer for my boys

  • Barbara Calder

    put it towards college tuition for my son.

  • Tracy Scott

    Go visit my granddaughter

  • Reem H

    I would by some hair products

  • Lynn K.

    Buy some gifts and save up the rest!

  • Tracy Scott

    I would go see my granddaughter.

  • Katherine Donovan

    Bills and a new laptop

  • Janine

    If I won $1000, I would use it to help pay the rent! 🙂

  • Lillian

    EVERYTHING! Bills and fun stuff!

  • Shari

    Purchase bedroom furniture.

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