Skin Care Tips For An Aesthetically You

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Acne, wrinkles, dry skin? These are age old problems that affect every woman and men across the globe, or most of them at least. Now how to solve these problems with advises straight from the experts.

Acne Trouble

Acne may well be a part of most men and women’s life, it  probably is a part of your high school or teenage life. But acne is not only a high school or a teenage problem, in fact one in every two adult women bear acne as a problem at some point. Research results reveal that in 2008 alone, more than a quarter of visits by women with their doctors are those belonging to the 35-60 year old age group. Acne is just half of the trouble, women , as well as men must also battle signs of skin aging such as dryness, fine lines and age spots. So how do we combat the two? Here are some expert advices.

1. Gentle Washing

When we see those breakouts, we have the compulsion of washing them vehemently. Fact is aggressive washing and rubbing can make those breakouts worse. Experts explain that pimples, whitehead or blackheads are clogged pores, once there is pinkness and inflammation (popularly known as pimples) the lesion has already ruptured underneath the skin. The reaction is due to rough handling. This is also the reason why acne gets worse when an overzealous facialist squeezes it too much.

Instead of aggressively cleansing your skin, cleanse it with salicylic acid. What it does is to loosen the clogged skin pores preventing sebum from piling up. Salicylic acid also has anti-inflammatory eectces which can help prevent breakouts. Look for cleansers with 1-2% salicylic acid.

2. Don’t Spot Treat

Treat your skin the right way, often times we apply treatments only to the spots affected. This would not address another breakout waiting to happen. Opt for overall acne treatments, so you also address what breakouts that are about to happen. Prevention is a lot better than cure. If you notice you get breakouts in your jawline, apply benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid on that area.

It would be best to invest in professional help, of course these might be costly, but the benefits do outweigh the cost most of the time. Prescription treatments usually include retinoic acid, which effectively helps prevent pimples, decreases acne spots and even minimizes fine lines. Retinoic acid can be applied to the skin after washing. Some people might have peeling and redness as a reaction, if you are having trouble on this, dermatologist’s advice to apply a moisturizer first.

Don’t skip on moisturizers, when the skin is hydrated, it can better handle the treatments for acne. Always look for moisturizers with humectants, like glycerin; this binds moisture to the skin.

This article on skin care is written by Gabrielle Johnson, author of articles on skin care, acne treatments, and cosmetic procedures. To know more about skin care treatments he recommends visiting

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