Grab Bag Gift Ideas

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Grab Bag Gift IdeasAt one of my husband’s Christmas family dinners we always have a grab bag gift exchange. We bring a male and a female gift. The way it works is the men and women each go in order to select their gifts. The next person to open a gift can either keep theirs or take someone that has already opened one and trade them. It’s fun and there is always at least one gift that gets traded back and forth because so many people want it. Our spending limit is $25 this year so I have been coming up with several different ideas and thought I’d share them with you. Do you participate in grab bag style gift exchanges for the holidays?

Grab Bag Gift Ideas for Men:

Grab Bag Gift Ideas for Women:

Let us know if you have any great suggestions for grab bag gift ideas!


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  • marissa

    the men’s list is helpful! thanks!

  • Roberto

    I think at a time like this, the gift card will be the best present

  • Jenn

    so this is similar to a white elephant, which we do at every party. I am going to pass along the idea to separate the men and womens gifts

  • Deanne

    We did this every year where I used to work during our Christmas party – we called it “Dirty Santa” & everyone loved it. There were mostly women there but usually at least 2 or 3 men. I would buy at the after Christmas discounts each year for the following year’s party. I found a lot of extremely nice collectable Christmas items – Fitz & Floyd porcelain decorations, unique Nativity sets, Candle sets, etc. for a really decent price and everyone (including the guys ) loved to get hold of them…if they could just manage to keep them !!

  • Rebecca Sinclair

    Excellent ideas for the men – I always have a hard time buying for the men in my life!

  • Anita Leibert

    This game sounds like it could be some fun! I try to plan something fun each year so that it’s not just about unwrapping gifts.

  • Christina Kelbel

    Good ideas for pretty cheap gifts. This will be helpful, thanks for posting.

  • Richard Wright

    This is a good list. I have been wondering what to get my girlfriend to throw her off the scent of the “big gift” I got her. These ideas are helpful for that too…