Xbox Christmas Giveaway

Xbox Christmas Giveaway

Even though we don’t have much time to play, we absolutely LOVE our Xbox with Kinect. It’s a great toy for any child (big and small) to enjoy unwrapping this Christmas! Enter for your chance to win in our Xbox Holiday Bundle Giveaway Event! The great thing about the Xbox is it’s fun for the whole family to enjoy!

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xbox kinect christmas giveaway

Xbox 360 250GB Kinect Holiday Console Bundle Includes:

Xbox 360 250GB Console
3 Month LIVE card
Kinect Sensor
Kinect Adventures
Kinect Carnival

One lucky reader will receive a Xbox 360 250GB Kinect Holiday Console Bundle!

Giveaway ends December 19th at 11:59pm, open worldwide {residents outside of the US will receive cash equivalent of $339}, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

Special thank you to our lovely co-hosts: The Lucky Ladybug, CentsLessDeals, Stay a Stay at Home Mom, Glasses & Glitter, Giveaway Bandit and Coupon Queen of Texas.

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  • Janet Gillich

    I would play Kinect Adventures

  • a xmas present for my grandson

  • Penny Delgado

    I would play all but, reason would like to win this would be for my household we dont have cable tv and have over 300 dvd’s so this would be nice for our family to have fun together 🙂

  • Breezi Maciel

    We would play Kinect adventures. The reason behind wanting to get the xbox with the Kinect is mainly for my autistic 13 year old. He is 5’2” and has reached 150lbs and keeps going up in weight. He loves electronics and games and we are in hopes this might help him become more active.

  • Ruth Anderson

    Not sure which game we would play ,I want to have this 360 for family and friends to have enjoyment.

  • stefanie moore

    would love to try anything for the kinect.

  • penny auction canada

  • james e baurle

    Our children love this thing

  • Mark

    I would play Skyrim.

  • Kristina Sullins

    I would like to win it for my son. Our old xbox got the red ring of fire. He was able to fix it several times, but sadly it died.

  • Tammy Frye-Savino

    Want to win it for my 3 kids!!

  • nickie

    I would play fruit ninja first.

  • Gary Emes

    I want to win to give it to my grandson cause this Christmas, funds are tight

  • Jeff Legg

    Carnivel games, that looks like it would be alot of family fun!!

  • Mary Mirvis

    I love playing Just Dance on the Kinect!

  • Noelle Cameron

    I want to try Kinect Adventures so bad! It looks very exciting, we have a Wii but to play without holding a controller just seems so much more fun than all the glitches that come with the Wii.

  • I want to win because my family has asked for an XBox 360 for Christmas.

  • allyson tice

    I really would like to win this for my 14 year old son.He would just be over the moon if he opened this on Christmas morning. with a total of 3 kids and my hubby being laid off from his job last year, we are just catching up again on bills, mortgage and everything else! Christmas wont be that great for us, but we will make the best of it as always 🙂

  • Abbe Brown

    I want to win because of how interactive the whole family could be when we play with it!

  • Lee Black

    I would love to win this for my kids! They have wanted one for a very long time. What a great Christmas present it would make!

  • Theresa Reed

    I would try the Kinect Adventures first. I think it would be a great family gaming system.

  • Definitely Call of Duty: Black Ops 2!

  • My son wants to play Skylanders!

  • Tammy Schweitz

    I want too win too give it to my fiancee since I have no money too buy him a Xmas or birthday give. Thanks

  • Shirley

    My 6 year old would love this.

  • Jeanna

    I’d like to win this for my son & husband. They have the best time playing games together!

  • Valerie C.

    I want to win this for my son 🙂

  • ruth ramos

    i would use it to do zumba with my family

  • Erin Collins

    I would play Carnival Games first.

  • Valerie Mabrey

    I would play the adventure game. It sounds really fun.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  • Kasee Johnson

    XBox is the only gaming system that we don’t have in our house. And this one could stay in the bedroom my 2 youngest boys share, so I will still have the living room tv to myself while they play.

  • Sherri Burgan

    I would play Carnival games first

  • I want to win because we want to get a X-Box and see what the Kinect is all about!

  • Anastasia

    The first game I’d play is The Walking Dead 🙂

  • Jack Palmer

    I want to win so that I can give a gift to my son this Christmas.

  • Terry Cross

    I’d like to win this for my grandsons

  • Nikkie Cossairt

    I would play Kinect Adventures first.

  • Em Darr

    I want to win because my son’s xbox does not work very well he has had to have several foot surgeries and is laid up for long periods (he still needs a couple more) and this keeps him occupied while he recuperates, so having one that works well would be awesome for him!

  • Kim Cowgar

    would love to win this as a christmas present for my son

  • Mary Casper

    I have always wanted a video game system, hubby and I would enjoy playing together

  • Danielle Davis/Grady

    My oldest son would love this! 🙂
    Thank you!

  • Timmy


  • I would love to win this for my kids because they’ve been dying to play Once Upon a Monster, but it’s only available on the xbox and we don’t own one.

  • BJM

    Call of Duty.

  • Not sure what game they would play first-but I would like to win for my 2 kids for their entertainment and fun with friends.

  • Cindy W

    I would love to do Dance Central.

  • shawna altaffer

    i would love to win this for my son. he would love it! 🙂

  • Lanie

    If I won my boyfriend would steal it and play Call of Duty non stop! But I am hooked on the Lego games.. so I would buy the new Lego Lord of the Rings game and play away! 🙂 Thanks for the awesome giveaway and good luck to all!

  • genesis

    I want to win because my son has begged for an xbox for a long time, ad with eight kiddos, i just cant afford it. it would be nice for him to get such a nice gift!!!

  • kimberly frazee

    My Nephew would geek if Santa brought him this

  • RhondaP

    I will hook it up at my house for when grandkids come over

  • Desmond

    call of duty

  • Carly

    I want to win because my husband and I loving playing video games together.

  • Danielle P

    I’d like to win because I think my family and I would have a lot of fun with the kinect games.


    I would like to win it for my grandson.

  • charlene k

    I would love to play Zombies with my son.

  • April Skidgel

    I would love to play Just Dance on it

  • Valerie L

    kinect adventures or any kinect games

  • Maureen Butcher

    I would like to play kinect to dance central with family and friends!

  • Shirley Talabock

    For my daughter x-mas

  • For Christmas or Birthday gift! 🙂

  • cathy henatyszen

    my son would love it if i won a xbox… he really wants one

  • Gina

    Christmas gift for my son. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • Becky Bryant

    I would love to win so I can give this to my granddaughter for Christmas. I have custody of her and have no money this year. Thanks for the awesome opportunity.

  • Phoenixx

    We are a family of gamers! I would play Halo 4 and Kinect based games with the family 🙂

  • angela dupree

    Halo 4, I am excited to see if it is as good as the first one!

  • Jenn

    This would be for my son, I am not a player

  • Dorothy B

    halo 4

  • Justin Comeau

    Halo 4, I’ve only played the first one though

  • Timi

    I want to win th Kinect so I can use the workout games. I am getting married next month and it would be a fun way to get in shape!

  • Alex

    My boyfriend wants one of these so badly but I can’t afford to buy him one.

  • Jo

    I want to play sports games

  • shannon M

    I want to play COD 2 or halo 4 first.

  • I want to win this for my kids.

  • nichelle clemons

    I would not play any. I would gift to one of my nephews.

  • Shaymaa

    I’d play Carnival Monkeys

  • paula huie

    I would want to play NFL 13 so i can beat all the boys in the family!

  • marissa

    Would love to win this for my boyfriend. I would get the shooting games like Call of Duty.

  • Marta

    I want to be a kid again! Love games to death.

  • Jean F

    I want to win to give this to my daughter

  • my grandkids would love it , they dont care which games they get!

  • Tracy Ames-Dennison

    WE would play kids games first, we have 4!!

  • toni b

    i’d love it so that i could do exercise games and that others in my home could also use it for games and we could use it via wifi for watching movies off the i-net.

  • Shirley Smith

    Carnival games would be first here.

  • michael

    I want to win for my kids, because it would be nice for them to have something this nice for once.

  • Kris Garvey

    I would love this so I could play Just Dance and other games to help me lose this baby weight!

  • margaret (peg)m

    i need the ‘kinect’ physical part, my kids will want the games.

  • nicole barr

    this would be a great workout and my kids would really have fun with to

  • Jessica Thompson

    Iwould want it for my 4 kids. We would want to play just dance

  • Tammy funk

    my daughter would love it!! I would too been wanting to try the zumba out

  • Shelby

    Halo 4 would be the first game I’d get.
    I’d like to win because I didn’t have the money to buy my boyfriend a single thing this Christmas and this would be the perfect gift since he’s been wanting an xbox since it came out.

  • anup jonathan

    I would play Black Ops 2 as I recently received the care package!!

  • Karen

    My son would love this for Christmas and would want to play Madden ’13 on it.

  • Jenny D

    I would play with my kids

  • Madden!

  • Katarina Kopasek

    I want to win for my husband (he’s had a stressful year) and my kids. They would love to play games on this.

  • Robert Knott

    Kinect Adventures

  • Robert Knott

    Adventures definetely

  • I actually want to win this for my little brother and sister. I think they would love some of the Kinect games.

  • Nicole Stewart

    I would play the adventures game first, I think it would be so fun to play with the family.

  • Nicole

    I want to win because I’ve wanted an XBox with Kinect for a long time!

  • Amy Pullifrone

    I want to win for my 2 boys…they want to play Minecraft.thanks!

  • Rachael Johnson

    Kinect Adventures is the best game ever!!

  • i still play on my original xbox

  • Veronica Hay

    I would play Wipe out!! My friend sad that game is SO much fun but that it also kicks her butt so it’s a great workout

  • Sharon

    I want to win for my family! I’d play The Walking Dead first!
    Thank You!

  • Bobby H

    I would play Skyrim

  • Lisa Sicora

    I would love to win this prize! I’d play one of the games that make me MOVE! Need to lose some weight! My husband would also love this! He would use it to unwind when he’s home from work.

  • Jonathan

    It’d be great to win that!

  • Lori Morgan

    Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do sounds FUN!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • Jeanette Jackson

    I want to win so I can give it to my grandson

  • Cheryl almas

    I would love to win because I would love use the Kinect as would my kids.

  • Tammy Noakes

    I would love to win so we could have a console game where we have to get up and MOVE! 😉

  • Linda Peavy

    I would love to give this to my children!

  • I would like to win to gift this to my boyfriend, and he would play black ops call of duty first

  • Tiffany H

    I want to win because my boyfriend had to sell his xbox last year and i know he would love to have another

  • tiziana blacklock

    I want to win so I can play with my grandson.

  • Firts off i wold like to win this for my boys and second we would love to play the carnival games first then kinect adventures next..

  • Linda

    my daughter wants one since my mom got my son last year.

  • Mary Stack

    I would love to win so i would have a nice present I could give my husband for Christmas. He has been wanting one.

  • naomi c

    just dance looks like tons of fun!

  • sherry constance

    my bf and i are always talking about how the good games are on xbox. we have a wii and ps3. we’re looking to add this to the list!

  • donna vaughn

    i would love to win this for my grandaughter .

  • samantha mchenry

    I would love to win this because this is what my 13 yr old son wants for his bday. that way if i win instead of spending the 249 that gamestop wants for just the xbox i can get games for cheaper

  • June

    We all like the sports games, bowling is always fun, and I like golf too.

  • Angela Tyler

    I am not sure what game to play first because I would just be so excited to win something. Probably any game that I can beat my husband at that is included with the sports games.

  • James Good

    I would play Halo

  • Michelle S

    I want to win this for my husband

  • Cassandra French

    I would like to play The Walking Dead! Plus my boyfriend is a huge gamer and we don’t have an Xbox yet.

  • Michelle james

    My 3 boys have wanted an Xbox for yrs and our Wii is broken! They would be excited to play any game!

  • Dave

    call of duty

  • Crystal F

    I would play Carnival Games. thank you!

  • I would love to win this for my Godson, if i gave this to him for his Family to play with …I would be the best Godmother on all of earth !! Also would play just dance with his sister when I visited him. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a great prize.

  • Shauna Baumgartner

    I want to win this for my kids!

  • kathy pease

    id love to win this for my son and hubby they love gaming

  • Matthew Gottung

    Very Nice! Wa Wa Wee Wa!

  • Black ops

  • Ary

    I never had a can be fun 😀

  • Kari Flores

    My son has absolutely been begging for this and I am also a big fan of the Kinect sensor. Unfortunately we just cant afford this and there would be a very happy little boy to get this.

  • Paul K

    I would play halo first.

  • Jane H

    I would start with the carnival games. There is something there for the entire family.

  • Robin

    I would love to win this for my son

  • Beverly M

    We don’t have an X-box, so this would be nice to win. We probably would play the Carnival Games first. Thanks for a wonderful contest!

  • Jorian

    I would play Halo 4 First

  • Breanne

    Kinect Carnival

  • gina

    I want to win because this would be so fun to play with my husband.

  • I would most likely play Call Of Duty since my son says its the best game ever lol. He has been dieing to teach his mommy how yo play video games with him for a long time now. I grew up with the original Nintendo so being able to spend time with him and learning something new would be so enjoyable. Little boys don’t stay “Little” for long and they seem to outgrow spending “mom” time with you. Hoping this can bring us together more!

  • Buddy Garrett

    I want to win. I would love to play games but I don’t have a player.

  • Barbara Long

    I want to win so I can give it to my grandson.

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