Top 10 Boys and Girls Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012

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Top 10 Boys and Girls Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012

Is your little boy or girl still looking for that perfect Halloween Costume? We’ve put together a great top 10 list for both. My son wants to be a Ghostbuster, but I think he will end up being several different things at different parties. He is beyond excited! What is your little one going as this Halloween? Do they have a hard time making up their mind and sticking to it? Maybe these will help you out!

Here is a list of the top 10 boys and girls costume ideas for October 2012. All include links for easy purchasing!

Top 10 Boys Costume Ideas

  1. Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor)
  2. Batman
  3. Power Rangers
  4. Angry Birds
  5. Spiderman
  6. Harry Potter
  7. Pirate (Jack Sparrow)
  8. X Men (Wolverine)
  9. Star Wars (Darth Vader, Clone Trooper Rex)
  10. G.I. Joe

Top 10 Girls Costume Ideas

  1. Monster High
  2. Cuter Monsters (Leg Avenue)
  3. 50′s (Car Hop/Poodle Skirt)
  4. Disney Princesses (Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Brave Merida) – Aren’t these always on the list for little girls?
  5. 80′s Rock Star
  6. Strawberry Shortcake
  7. Unicorns
  8. Cupcake or Candy
  9. Superhero (Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Black Widow)
  10. Fairytale
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  • Amanda Preller

    I really like these ideas if I had not already went out and bought my sons costume I would probably make a homemade one. I still do not have any idea for myself as I dress up every year but this year has been rather stressful and I have unfortunately waited until last minute.. oh no.. lol

  • Mary Gallardo

    The top 10 girls’ costumes are so cute… My little girl is going trick or treating as Simba from The Lion King! I was kind of hoping she wanted to be a fairy or something ultra girly! haha

  • essijay

    glad my kiddo isn’t so heavily influenced by the media yet – he would love to be a cupcake, though – but he chose a kitty this year (after two years in a row as a city bus)
    do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a kitty that’s not “sexy”? or ANY costume really… it’s horrible… hate the way our bodies are for display only… it starts younger and younger… when i was a kid i went as big bird, a reese’s cup, a cow, a hippie, a rockstar, a ghost, a cowgirl (with overalls and flannel, mind you, not a short skirt and shirt tied around the midriff) etc, etc… times change, i guess, but it’s getting ridiculous

  • Charlotte Raynor

    Great list of Halloween costumes for both boys and girls. I’m sure it will give the parents some great ideas for this year. Thanks!

  • Tiffany Hearn

    Cute :) I love the Monster High and Leg Avenue Monster costumes!

  • Gina H

    I like the boy costume selections and I think the toddler unicorn costume is adorable! This is my sons first halloween I am looking forward to more in the future when he can choose his costumes!

  • Rachel S

    My daughters been Monster High for the past 2 years now, was hoping she’d want to do something else this year, but no.

  • Rhonda

    I can’t believe Zombie didn’t make it on the lists this year!

  • Dawn

    Great list of costumes here! Both of my girls are into the Monster High, I see it is number 1 on your list :)

    Yes they are both going to be a Monster High girl! I wouldn’t have thought of the 50′s costumes tho, cool idea.

  • Kelsey

    Thanks for the list of halloween costumes, I have two little girls I have to dress up for halloween! I think im going to do the boy costumes but then add a tutu! Instantly makes it cute lol

  • Haley Prather (Kasprzyk)

    Great ideas. My son is going to be a ghostbuster this year. I love the monster high idea for little girls. My daughter chose to be a fairy this year.

    • wallywonks

      My son is going as a ghostbuster too!

  • JJ Caraway

    My granddaughters and I play with their monster high dolls all the time. The oldest girl picked out a Monster High Costume for Halloween this year. I can see why it is such a popular costume this year.

  • Arthur Caudill

    My little girl eill probably dress up like Snow White but I know she likes Monster High.

  • Taryn Pasco

    My little girl is only about to be 2, so I kinda just pic her costume by what she likes. So this year she is going to be Minnie Mouse! I’m surprised thats not on the list! I did want her to be Cinderella, maybe next year! :)

  • Carole Ingram

    The Disney Princesses will always make the list , year after year :) I saw many little girls dressed as “Brave” this year at our halloween festival, be on the look out for many for Trick or Treat! :)

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    My 6 year old little girl is going as Clawdeen from Monster High and my 1 year old little boy is a dinosaur!! :)

  • soha molina

    THnak you for this list. My daughter is still searching for the perfect costume and time is running out.

  • Holly W

    This costumes are all so good.

  • Sarah L

    I’ll be a pumpkin. Like to go to the Corn Maze.

  • Kristina G.

    Awesome list! My son will be wearing a skeleton costume and then a contruction vest and hat so he will be contruction worker who was hit and killed by a car. Morbid I know, but it was his idea after finding both costumes in our Halloween gear so I give him props for creativity!!!

  • sara m ford

    You got that right Monster High is a big seller most everywhere is sold out of so many

  • Betsy Rubendall Barnes

    Nice to see such a list. Surprised the Power Rangers for boys on there, my son loved being one many years ago :)

  • Elaine Sumner

    OK, so here I am late on Halloween night reading a post about the favorite 2012 Halloween costumes. Good thing I didn’t need to come up with a costume this year … I’d just be too late! I much prefer the princesses and pretty girl costumes to monsters and violent cartoon characters.

  • Gina Brickell

    Interesting to see what top costumes are.. I have a 5 year old son and have had a hard time trying to determine what to get him every year.. this year I chose prince charming because I really don’t want to dress him as something on the top 10 list…!

  • lisa

    Angry birds? I am getting old! Kids seem to change their minds daily around halloween!

  • kimberly frazee

    I love the princess costume idea. My lil one wants to grow up to be a princess. Hopefully she will marry her prince.

  • Amanda

    Ugh I hate Monster High stuff, can’t believe it is #1 on the girls’ list. I also saw quite a few MH costumes on Halloween this year.

  • Robin O

    I did see a lot of boys in Avengers and Batman costumes on Halloween!

  • Sarah L

    Never heard of Monster High before this. Out of touch with kids.

  • Cameron

    Great ideas. Last year our son was a pirate and we decorated his infant sister’s car seat to look like a treasure chest, then we put sparkly silver and gold fabric aound her so she could be his treasure. This year he wanted to be a pirate again so his sister was the parrot.

  • Kristen

    I was very happy to see this article. My girl cried all Halloween because noone in class knew what she was. She’s 8yrs old in the 3rd grade and went as “Mavis” from Hotel Transylvania. Just wondering how ‘crazy’ it was, since no one seemed to like it..

  • Lindsay

    My daughter actually wanted to be Spiderman…go figure!

  • Sara Zielinski

    The Angry Birds costumes are very popular this year

  • Marta

    Great tips! I’m gonna use them always.

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