Save at the Pump with a Pre-Loaded Fuel Card Giveaway

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Save at the Pump with a Gas Card Giveaway

My husband has four hours on the road every day driving to and from work. We spend a lot of money in gas and diesel fuel every week. Being able to save at the pump when fueling up your car or truck is very important to us as I am sure it is to all of you. You can now save on gas with Shell and the Fuel Rewards Network program and their new FRN cards.

You can use your FRN Card to earn in the Shell and the Fuel Rewards Network program with your purchases at Shell convenience stores. Use it for dining and eCoupons. To use for dining out simply register your credit and/or debit cards that you normally use and your rewards will automatically be credited to your FRN Account. To earn rewards with eCoupons you can simply link your eCoupon card (grocer rewards cards or drug store rewards card) to your FRN Account.

Another great thing about the FRN Card is that you can use it to redeem your rewards. Just insert your FRN Card or your grocer’s rewards card before you pay at the pump and your price will drop right before your eyes! Now that’s an easy way to save on gas!


We are giving away 10 FRN Cards pre-loaded with $1.00 per gallon savings at the gas pump. The winners of these cards will need to register them online before the savings can be redeemed (steps below). Once you redeem the pre-loaded savings value, you can continue to take advantage of the program to earn more rewards that can be redeemed for savings at the pump.

This pre-loaded card value is good up to 20 gallons for a one-time use. If you are able to purchase all 20 gallons on your first use of the card, your full savings will be $20. If you are not able to purchase all 20 gallons, you will be able to redeem the $1.00 per gallon savings on however many gallons you are able to purchase, and then the card value will reset to $0.

Hint: Some people bring a gas can with them if 20 gallons will not fit in their car’s tank. This way you get to take full advantage of the savings.

Here is how you register the card online:

  1. Visit and click “Sign Up.”
  2. Enter your information.
  3. Select “I have a card” and then “FRN Card” if you already picked up an FRN Card at a participating Shell station, or select “I need a card” to request one to be mailed to you.
  4. Enter your card number and card PIN (if you already have a card). Follow the steps to complete online enrollment.

We will no longer be requiring you to like us on Facebook for every giveaway. Of course, we would love it if you followed us via our social networks in the right sidebar. Giveaway is open to US residents only, 18 years of age and older. Of course, it also helps to have a nearby Shell station. Or, you can always gift one to a friend or relative with a Shell station nearby. Find a Shell station near you. Enter to win via the giveaway entry form below. Giveaway ends January 9, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST. Good luck!


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I was given $100 in Shell Gift Cards for compensation however all thoughts are my own.

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  • kim

    use the fuel rewards card :)

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    go to the cheapest gas station in your area.

  • Amanda Alvarado

    We get a pre-loaded Walmart card and use it to save .10/gal at Murphy USA.

  • Marissa M


  • Christina Kelbel

    grocery store rewards card

  • Sheila Hickmon

    We use the rewards from Price Chopper!

  • Cindy Merrill

    Don’t speed, this is a good idea anyway, but speeding burns more fuel.

  • deb c

    I save at the pump by shopping at a grocery store that gives money off each gallon of gas and also, buying gas at Sam’s Club.

  • Megan

    Live near where you work and play!

  • Ann Fantom

    Don’t tailgate. You have to use your brakes much more when you tailgate which wastes gas.

  • Calshondra Williams

    Drive speed limit, properly inflated tires, use cruise control on freeway, regular car tune-up, and oil change. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Tammy S

    We try to carpool as much as we can. We also use public transit.

  • Kay C

    Walk if you can, ride bike, do your errands on one day instead of running one a day, Wal-Mart preloaded gas card.

  • Lennette Daniels

    Fuel Perks from Winn Dixie

  • Chelle Thompson

    Make sure you stay on top of your vehicle maintenance!

  • Susan Johnson

    Don’t drive! Walk more, bike more.

  • Jessica Fortner

    Safeway has very cheap gas when you shop there for your groceries.

  • Fee (Phyllis) Roberts

    I have a Winn Dixie card that gives me fuel perks for shopping for groceries =D

  • JJ Caraway

    I save with my rewards from my grocery store card.

  • Erin Collins

    I always use reward points with my Fry’s card.

  • Cynthia R

    sign up for gasbuddy account

  • GayAnn Wright

    Have rewards cards and don’t waste gas by idling too long or doubling back to where you been make a planned route to save on extra miles.

  • Michelle Proper

    I usually use my bonus rewards at Tops :)

  • cathy henatyszen

    definatly use a rewards card

  • Bonnie

    I don’t worry about saving a couple of cents/gallon if I have to drive across town to do it. Now a dollar/gallon is a different thing.

  • Jennifer Hedden

    I save on gas when I use my reward card at my grocery store.

  • Jenn

    I save money at the pump with my grocery store value card depending on how much I spend on groceries

  • chrissy rogers

    Find cheapest station and stock up on fuel rewards and dining rewards.

  • kathy f

    Do all your errands on your way to work. so there are no extra trips.

  • Michelle Tucker

    I think using rewards is a good way. We use rewards from our local grocery store often.

  • Luda

    I try not to drive too much to just one place, but make a trip to several in one day so the rest of the week i stay home and find projects. Also having grocery reward card that gives you points.

  • Thomas Murphy

    My best tip to save money on gas is to drive less!

  • jeri boss

    i would love this gas is so much

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