Nutrisystem Weight Loss Week 2

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Nutrisystem Weight Loss

I’m already on the second week of my Nutrisystem weight loss journey and feeling great! Last week I lost 7 pounds and this week I am down 3 more pounds. I am very happy with my results so far. One of the hardest parts for me is remembering to track everything in my SUCCESS daily planner. I know this is extremely important and essential to meeting my goal. I just have to remember to write down everything I eat! Besides using the planner, you can also use the Nutrisystem online or mobile tracking tools that are available to Nutrisystem members.

I love the grocery guide that is included in the back of the daily planner which is a very helpful Nutrisystem weight loss tool. If you ever have a question about the food you add-in to your Nutrisystem program, you can easily reference the grocery guide. They offer great examples of SmartCarbs, PowerFuels, vegetables, and optional extras. They also give you a serving size suggestion of each food. If you can’t find something in the grocery guide of the daily planner there are also more information online to find the perfect foods for you that are healthy and delicious.

I thought it would also be a great idea to show you what it’s like when I receive a shipment of food. I receive a box of food that I can store in my cabinet and another that is fresh frozen. The fresh frozen meal items are shipped in a styrofoam container with plenty of dry ice to keep them frozen. I try to transfer them to the freezer within a few hours of receiving them but there is always a lot of dry ice for them to stay frozen for several more hours, maybe even a day. Watch the video below to see how it works for me when I receive shipments.

I have had several of you asking about the nutritional information for the different foods. In a few days I will be posting about these and more information including calories, sodium, etc. I will post a video and pictures. If you have any questions or would like to see more information on something specific to the Nutrisystem program please let me know. Thank you all so much! If I keep losing at the rate I have been I could be at my goal weight in no time! Here’s to much success in our Nutrisystem weight loss journeys!

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Nutrisystem Weight Loss

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  • Ari

    Wow, you’re doing really good! I can understand the struggle of having to write down everything; it’s something that I’m always trying to get better at with other situations (like counseling, organizing or planning). I had no idea how Nutrisystem works so thanks for explaining and including a video! I didn’t realize that the shipped frozen entrees would come as large quantities. But it makes sense now that I think about it. It’s great they give you a ice box to store these items! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading more about your experience with Nutrisystem!

  • Julia

    Awesome job! 7 pounds in week one – amazing!!!

  • http://Facebook Kelly Maxwell

    I know a few people who have had great results with NutriSystem.

  • Mary Sunkes

    Congratulations on your weight loss! I don’t use this, but whenever I’ve tracked food, I kept my journal on the kitchen table right next to where I eat. Just a suggestion for you.

  • Melanie Caton

    10 lbs. cool!

  • Samantha Baker

    Congratulations! It is great to see that you are having success with this program so far.

  • Chevy Reid Roper

    Great job! 10 lbs in 2 weeks is awesome! I have never tried Nutrisystem, but I will be looking into it now! Keep up the awesome job!

  • oralia santiago

    i love the way they package the food it shows that they are a committed and trustworthy company… and great job on loosing 10 pounds don’t give and just keep doing what you are doing…i lost 30 pounds last summer and the feeling is amazing when you go and get the size of pants you use to wear and realize they are too big for you now :D

  • Jeanine

    good job- keep it up!!

  • Elisa

    Congratulations on your weight loss, it sounds like you are doing really great!

  • Dawn

    Great job, Melanie! Keep it up!

  • candess phillips

    Ten pounds must feel encouraging. You should set up a reward system for yourself to help give you incentive with your food diary. How much exercise are you incorperating into your new lifestyle and weight loss goals? It must feel great! Are you regular with your water?

  • Elizabeth Towns

    I’ve wanted to try Nutrisystem for a while, but don’t really have the means just yet. I am excited for you and encourage you to continue in your success. I absolutely love that you are keeping your food diary even though that is difficult. I am keeping my now on Keep up the good work.

  • Anna Lyman

    I would love to do nutrisystem, unfortunately I can’t afford it right now. UGH…but you are doing great, congrats.


    I pinned this!
    10 pounds in two weeks. That’s awesome!

  • gigi borden

    I’ve never tried any weightloss plans, I’ve always been skeptical they won’t work, but thanks for this insightful information on this, glad you are feeling great!

  • Cami

    ten pounds is great!!! i need to lose 5 :( or gain 10 and tone up really good

  • Maria Iemma

    You may have found the perfect weight loss plan for you. Ten pounds is a remarkable amount. Continue the good work and one day we may see you in one of their commercials on TV!

  • Mary Withrow

    Sounds like your doing great! Thats results. Keeping track is very important and I think trying not to substitute foods helps. No soda alone can make a big difference and if you excercise you wont normally lose much so it seems because you are gaining muscle instead and people forget that! Go! You are doing fantastic

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