iHome Fit Sport Earhooks with Removable Earbuds Headphones

iHome Fit Sport Earhooks with Removable Earbuds Headphones

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disclosureiHome Fit HeadphonesiHome Fit Sport Earhooks with Removable Earbuds Headphones

Having good earbuds is so important. I am constantly using mine while working outside. I love being able to listen to my favorite tunes while I work outside on the farm, mowing the lawn and so on. iHome offers a great selection of high quality products including home audio, portable audio, wireless audio and headphones. I was able to try the iHome Fit Sport Earhooks with Removable Earbuds Headphones.

iHome Fit Sport Earhooks with Removable Earbuds Headphones

They are super high quality with rubberized sport earhooks and great for when you are active. They stay in place without hurting your ears. Some earbuds I have tried can really start to hurt my ears after a few hours while being active. I love that you can also remove the earbuds for more casual listening like I can use while I’m on the computer or just around the house. They also offer an in-line volume control so you can change the noise levels easily. This is great for my son who loves listening to his iPod… I think his go-to song right now is “Everything is Awesome” from the LEGO MOVIE. Why can’t I get that song out of my head!?!

Something that is a major OCD issue with me is putting the ear cushions in my ears and then someone else and then mine again. Is it just me that thinks that is gross? It really bothers me! I guess I think their ear wax will attack mine… I dunno! The iHome earbuds offer detachable ear cushions for easy cleaning. Yes! I’m sold! Plus, they fit a variety of ear sizes. They fit mine perfect and my son’s little boy ears.

Also included with the iHome Fit earbuds is a nice little travel pouch. It is great for on-the-go, tossing in my handbag or travel. You can also get these headphones in a wide variety of colors. I really love the purple or blue. My son loves the green and yellow. Great for anyone! The package hangtag can also be used as a convenient earbud cord wrap for added cord management.


  • 2-in-1 Sport Earhooks with Removable Earbuds

    Rubberized sport earhooks are great for active use and removable earbuds are perfect for casual listening

  • Open-back chamber design

    for detailed, dynamic sound with enhanced bass response

  • Detachable ear cushions fit a variety of ear sizes

    Use the cushions that best fit your ear for clear crisp sound and custom fit

Dimensions: .67″ W x .71″ H x .67″ D

Weight: .04 lbs

48” cable with 3.5mm stereo plug and in-line volume control

Connect with iHome

Online http://www.ihomeaudio.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/iHome

Twitter @iHome

YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/Sditechnologies

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  • Laura Brewer

    these are the strangest pair of head phones I have ever seen lol. My daughter is 14 and will probably want them!! Interesting blog!

  • rainadelrio

    These definitely caught my eye! I have a hard time with earbuds staying in my ears, and they, too, hurt after a while. Definitely going to search these out!

  • Dorothy Teel

    I love how these wrap over your ears and have detachable ear buds, and I like you do not like to use something that someone else has put in their ears. I am a retired nurse and you don’t know how hard I worked to keep my ear pieces clean on my stethoscope when someone would use mine. I like that they have their own little storage bag, that fits easily into our purses. Thank you for your review.

  • Shannon

    These are really nice, thank you for the review.

  • Niharika

    very nice.

  • tannawings

    I love these. I wear earphones when walking alot and mine are always slipping out or are a tangled mess.

  • Alison

    Thank you – do these work with any phone/device? These are great and I like that they have different ear pieces so that other people can use them too.

  • Natalie

    These would be perfect to use at the gym!

  • md kennedy

    These look great earphones, and since I am in the market I may give them a try. Thanks for the great review.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wakingbug Wanda Tracey

    These have to be awesome when they wrap over your head and the earbuds can be taken out I will look into getting some like this for my workouts and when I go walking.Thanks for sharing.

  • Leslie Harris

    I would love to have these my hobby keeps stealing mine

  • Karen Hempel

    These look comfortable but I’m pretty hooked on my Bose headphones. I’d have to see if they even come close to the quality I get from bose.

  • Rebecca Wilson

    These look niiiiice. I usually cannot wear earbuds or anything like that because they won’t fit, but with the different sized pads I might be able to do so. Great review, thanks :D

  • tisme143

    these definitely look like something i would enjoy wearing, my ears are very sensitive and even having head phones on can sometimes be bothersome , but these look so soft and comfy , will have to check them out.. great post and review , thanks for share @tisonlyme143

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