HP Pavilion Laptop Computer Giveaway

HP Pavilion Laptop Computer Giveaway

HP Pavilion Laptop Computer Giveaway

Are you ready to enter to win an HP laptop computer? This would also make an excellent Christmas gift or just to keep for yourself. Laptops are always so handy and easy to take on the go. Dixieland Mom Product reviews, along with Rewardit Sweepstakes and our co-hosts, My Vegan Gluten Free Life, Zoes Printable Coupons, Hot Beauty Health, Giveaway Bandit, and Freebie Spot are excited to bring you Β the HP Pavilion Giveaway Event!

Prize: HP Pavilion Dv6t-7000 Quad Edition Notebook PC with a MSRP of $1149.00!

Here are the specs for this computer:

  • Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • Processor 3rd generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM Processor (2.3 GHz, 6MB L3 Cache)
  • Graphics card NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GT 650M Graphics with 2GB GDDR5 memory [HDMI, VGA]
  • Memory 16GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)
  • Office software Microsoft(R) Office Starter: reduced-functionality Word/Excel(R) only, No PowerPoint(R)/Outlook(R)
  • Hard drive 750GB 7200 rpm Hybrid Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
  • Hard Drive Acceleration Cache NO mSSD Hard Drive Acceleration Cache
  • Security software No additional security software
  • Primary battery 50% off 6 cell + 9 cell Lithium Ion Battery
  • Display 15.6-inch diagonal Full HD Anti-glare LED-backlit Display (1920 x 1080)
  • Primary optical drive SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-R/RW with Double Layer Support
  • Personalization
  • HP TrueVision HD Webcam
  • Standard Keyboard with numeric keypad

Enter to win via the Rafflecopter entry form below. Giveaway ends November 24, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST. Open to US only, 18 years of age and older. Good luck!

Melanie Kampman

Melanie Kampman is a web designer, developer and owner of Giveaway Bandit and Farm News for Kids. She lives in Northwest Missouri on a large family farm with her husband and eight year old son, the Giveaway Bandit. They raise cattle with a variety of pets including horses, chickens, ducks, and a slew of cats. By Melanie Kampman If you are interested in writing a sponsored post on Giveaway Bandit please email me at melanie (at) giveawaybandit (dot) com.

  • Thanks for the post….I enjoy it!

  • Melanie

    I want to win because I’d love to have my own laptop. πŸ™‚

  • I would like to win a new lap top for my 2 kids to share-then it would free up my desk top so I would have more time entering great giveaways.:)

    • bella

      The one I have freezezall the time and disconects me not stop and very diffucult to use Thank you

  • Cindy B

    I would love to win this for my grandson. He is using my old laptop and it is slooooow!

  • Thomas Murphy

    I would like to win this so I can give it to my GF for x-mas

  • Helene Tienda

    I would love to give this to my son for college!

  • Marilyn Wons

    I would love a new Laptop since mine has seen better days!

  • deb c

    Because I hate having to sit at the desk to use the pc.

  • Ann Cluck

    Because my laptop is 8 yrs old and I need one for my direct sales businesses.

  • Jo

    looking forward to win

  • Jo

    looking forward to win to replace this defective computer

  • Lena Naef

    I would love a new Laptop because I have an older desk computer that I’d love to replace!

  • Andrea Byrne

    I actually want to win it for my daughter!

  • Tammy S

    I would love to win so that I don’t have to share mine with my son.

  • michelle jonassen

    I would love to win this because I would love to have my own laptop and not have to use my husbands!

  • Jim Dasher

    A wonderful christmas present for me.

  • Andrea Williams

    I would love to win this for my son who will be starting college soon and need a laptop for school.

  • MaryR

    I really could use a new one

  • Lee Black

    I would love to win a laptop because we don’t have one! I would love to be able to take a computer with me when we are traveling.

  • Marcia Goss

    My daughter doesn’t have one, so I’d like to win it for her.

  • Amy Green

    I would like to be able to share it with my 2 sisters.

  • Teresa Thompson

    Ive been wanting one for a few years.

  • Jan

    I’ve never had a laptop and my friends say I should get one! πŸ™‚

  • Jamie Feldman

    I would like to win this for my husband because his desktop is on it’s last legs!

  • Bill McGovern

    My current laptop is completely outmoded. I need a 21st-century machine desperately!

  • Chelsey

    I would love to win because a laptop would be a great gift for the holidays. I’d give it to my husband or my sister. πŸ™‚

  • Douglas DeMott

    I would love to win a laptop, so that it can replace my outdated netbook that is so weak and slow.

  • Susan Audrey

    My current laptop is slllloooowwwww. πŸ™‚ It’s time for a new one!

  • Ashley

    I have been using the same laptop that I received in 2008 when I finished grad school.

  • Rosanne

    I’d like it for my son who has several years of college left and trying to pay for college and room and board is hard enough. Not much extra.

  • jenny green

    I dont have a computer… only a kindle… would lovea laptop

  • angie

    I would give this to my parents who need a new computer. Theirs is about 10 years old.

  • Kathy M

    I’ve never had a laptop, only desktops. It would help a lot for when I need to do computer work for my hubby.

  • Kerry Amburgy-Dickson

    My laptop just died and since I’m unemployed, I cannot afford to get a new one.

  • amber carroll

    i want to win it for my hubby so he can use it for school he will be starting school soon and really needs one

  • Kathy M.

    Even though I love my $300 cyber Monday laptop, it can’t keep up with the new app’s and family use. Crashes, freezes, sometimes it’s so slow to load that I give up on what I’m doing. I need updated software, virus protection, power and speed!

  • Jennifer Hedden

    I would love to win this laptop for my fiance because he doesn’t have one and will be starting college soon.

  • Dorothy Boucher

    i would love to win this to beable to have something as wonderful as this for school when i start in spring

  • I want to win to to be able to have my very own!! Thanks so much!!

  • barb h

    love HP computers, and love computers- match made in heaven…my computer is OLD!!! kinda like me… lol

  • Patricia Mohl

    Because our desk top is antiquated

  • Claudia B

    Well, since I can’t afford a tablet or laptop at this time, if I won, it would make my life so much easier!

  • Christina Sparks

    I only have a netbook and the cord won’t stay in and can really use this.

  • I want to be more mobile, my current computer runs on Windows XP and it won’t run my games. I will be working on a website for the local genealogy society and it would help to have a laptop. (And I just love them!)

  • The reason why I’d like to win a new laptop is because it is really my connection to the world. Right now I have a laptop that is 5 years old. It works fine, but it is getting out of date, and for school, and being in touch with my mom and family it is really crucial. My cat broke some of the keys in this laptop I have so it is kinda hard to type all my homework. That’s just the cry for retirement my laptop is asking me for.
    Aside of that, thanks for the opportunity. Some of us could really need the luck to get something that is not only a luxery anymore, but a tool we need for our daily lives.

  • Donna Higgins

    My daughter starts school in April for veterinary technician, and her current laptop is dying. Unfortunately, in this economy, I have been unable to find a job and do not have the money to purchase a new laptop. This would be more than a prize to us, it would be a blessing! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  • Jeff P

    My old laptop no longer works

  • Ellie

    I want to replace my netbook with a laptop

  • Danielle P

    I want to win this laptop because I could use an upgraded computer.


    Our laptop is 8 years old and VERY slow. This would be great!

  • Laurie Penman

    I would love to win a new laptop because me, my boyfriend and my daughter all share his and it’s falling apart. Also, I use my laptop to do surveys and product tests to help pay the bills! We could really use a new one!

  • betty wojnar

    for my new blog

  • Deb Hall

    I’d love to win this laptop so I could have one that worked for when I am stuck up at the hospitals with my up coming surgeries

  • ruben

    I would love to win because i’ve never had a laptop before….

  • Ido Shamriz

    I would love to win a new laptop because I am a programmer and my computer just die so I could really use a new one for work and study πŸ™‚

  • Jamie Feldman

    I want this laptop for my husband because his desktop is on it’s last legs.

  • my desktop crashed and burned! Now I am sharing my daughter’s laptop with her. So you see I really need a new laptop of my own. πŸ™‚

  • Kimberly Deacon

    My husband took over my laptop, so it would be great to win one!

  • Sarah G

    I would love to win this so I could give my mom her netbook back that I have been borrowing! And a new laptop would be easier for my kids to do homework on than the netbook!

  • johnny-amy lynn

    My daughter just started her 1st yr in College and this would be the perfect gift for her and plus she is in a major need for 1

  • Kayleen Considine

    My current laptop is getting pretty old.

  • Kathleen Manthey

    I could really use a new laptop! Mine is sort of outdated!

  • Arik Issan

    My personal computer just died.

  • Valerie C.

    My son needs one for college in January. This is perfect πŸ™‚

  • andre sinclair

    i really need a new one my laptop is so old.

  • Honesty, I need one for college.

  • Terry Cross

    I’d love to win one because I don’t have one

  • Danielle Ring

    I’d love to win a new one cause mine’s keyboard doesn’t work (I have to plug in a separate one) and my touch pad/finger mouse area hardly works anymore so I have to use a separate mouse, which is breaking! So, I want it cause I NEED it!

  • Kristy

    I rely on my laptop for my home business, and my current one is getting old and tired. Sure would love a new one!

  • My son would use it for school.

  • Becca Wilson

    My laptop is getting old and I would love to get a new one!

  • carole

    need a new one ….mine is crap

  • I homeschool six kids, with one computer.. enough said πŸ™‚

  • Never have had a laptop would love one..

  • Jessica

    I would love to win this laptop so I could give it to my dad. He’s been wanting one for a long time now!

  • michelle king

    just really want a new computer

  • Gail Williams

    Because my old one is in the repair shop…

  • I’d love to win because then I could pass my old (current) one down to the kiddos.


    I travel alot for work and my old laptop works extremely slow.

  • Laura S

    My old one is really slow and the usb doesn’t work.

  • Becky Bartlett

    I can give my 12 year old son back the desktop computer

  • ann lawson

    i wanna win so i dont have to borrow friends comps or go to library for schoolwork

  • Jennifer

    This would make a wonderful gift for my husband!

  • Shane Mahorney

    It’s my Birthday next week!

  • Amy Green

    To have as a backup for music, photos, and videos.

  • Erin K.

    I’d love to win a new laptop to give to my mom!

  • Annie Williams-Yeaple

    I would love to win this laptop. So that I can save my embroidery patterns and quilting patterns on it.

  • Tiffany Hoyt

    I would like the laptop because ours broke.

  • Horace

    It would be nice for my wife to have her own laptop again. Her laptop just had to many problems so we share one together.

  • Leslie J

    I’d like a laptop because I currently do not own one myself.

  • Arya

    I would love to win a laptop coz i dont have one and Love Hp products

  • Shakeeta W

    I’d love to win a new laptop because the one I have just broke πŸ™

  • David Hollingsworth

    This would be great for me; to own my very first laptop, to show myself that I have matured, grown up, and it would be great to use, just in case I start community college.

  • annette campbell

    I can take it with me when I’m traveling

  • Kathy Lakatosh


  • Elizabeth Goehring

    Good luck everybody!

  • Tammy Crews

    I would love to win a laptop so that I could give it to my daughter that way I could have mine back!! She has taken over mine.

  • My laptop broke and the repairman said buy a new one. Easier said than done so I still need one.

  • Mary Boyles

    I need a new laptop because, my old one barley lets me play a little game on facebook much less use Skype to talk to my mom, and I work from home so it would help me out dearly if I had an upgrade at my workstation that didn’t lag so bad!

  • Shelly Macaluso

    I would love to win this for my hubby so he can do his school work.


  • Gianna

    Windows vista destroyed the last one.

  • rochelle johnson

    because i dont own a laptop

  • Shannon B

    My laptop is barely hanging together with duct tape, super glue and a prayer…. I need a new one!

  • Starlia C

    I have never owned a laptop but I would like to have one to carry back and forth to hospital trips. I think it would be very helpful with my son.

  • This would be great for our homeschooling! Our old one keeps having issues πŸ™

  • Cindy Merrill

    we only have one computer at home, so this prize would save my marriage.

  • Binyamin Russ

    My old one is rather badly damaged.

  • My current computer is getting old and super slow. Winning this would be a great Christmas gift to the family.

    Thanks for the chance!

  • marcia g

    thanks love to get another rug in teh hosue

  • Jillian DeMarco

    I write a lot and aspire to be published, my current computer was attacked by my 3 yr old. I desperately need a new one!

  • Lori TenHaken

    Because I have never had one and would love to have one.

  • wendy schueman

    I would love to win this for my Grandchildren to learn on, it would be just the right size for them. Thank you!

  • I’d love to give this to my girlfriend for Christmas, it would help her with her school work, and it would keep her off my computer.

  • Myra R

    id love to win this new laptop because i have always wanted a laptop and i just started school recently and having a laptop would help alot with that. also i do alot of volunteer work which needs a computer to do some of the work so having one on hand that is portable would help a great deal:)

  • need for school!

  • nicole gervais

    Cuz mine is old old on its last leg πŸ™

  • My desk to gave up and went where all dead computers go. I was given a lowest of the line lap top and would love to own a really nice one. I love being given the one I have but to have an even better one would be nice,

  • Glenna F

    It would be great to win a new laptop since my desktop is getting ready to die on me.

  • Like these pages number 2 does not have any pages to like. Do we just get the entries or is this a goof up?

  • Cathy C

    My desktop computer is obsolete!

  • Aimee Derouen

    I would love to not have to share with the other 5 members of my family πŸ™‚

  • Sarah U

    I am getting ready to go back to school and need an updated laptop!


    Teach my 10 year old keyboarding skills.

  • sara m ford

    I want to win for my daughter she is a straight A student and works very hard she has needed a Lap top but we just cant get her one. I really want to and if I win I will be so happy giving it to her on Christmas day!!!

  • I need a laptop so bad. I have never had one of my own and I am a techy, making my living using tech.

  • Cindy Croft

    Ohhhh I would love to win this

  • claudia davis

    My laptop has duct tape holding it together. Nothing more needs to be said.

  • I would Love to win this laptop because my husband’s computer died a month ago, and he really needs a new one so he’ll stop using mine. πŸ™‚

  • melinda taylor

    To help my child with their college classes

  • Rachel

    I need a new laptop because mine is about to break in half. I am getting ready to graduate with my bachelor’s degree, and I really need it for my Master’s degree. I will put games on my old laptop for my children if I get a new one.

  • christopher h

    my old laptop is in sad shape

  • kara locke

    We need one so bad our computer is so old and slow. This would be an awesome win!

  • Marthalynn

    I would love to win this because my sister desperately needs a new laptop so she can work, but she can’t afford a new one.

  • Candis Binkley

    I have never had a laptop before. My current computer is a HacIntosh (my nephew to a HP desktop and turned it into a Mac).

  • Cheryl Rahkonen

    Good Morning! I am up, reading email, and have come across this great giveaway. Thanks for all your reviews and all those awesome giveaways you continually bring us.

    I would love to win this computer for my daughter so that we don’t have conflicts over just one computer.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • christine halverson

    This would be a great christmas gift= )

  • Annette Abrahamson

    i have the hp touch smart……gotta love HP!!

  • Stephanie Brown Eversole

    We could really use this laptop… thanks!

  • Debbie

    Would love to win one of these. Thank you!

  • Terri Betz

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Don’t have one of these, or any computer, for that matter! So generous to give away a gift many can’t even afford! Happy Holidays to you and yours! πŸ™‚

  • I’d love to win a computer so I can give my husband his back.

  • Lee Stevens

    My only laptop is a TV tray.

  • Leslie S.

    A friend of mine has an HP Pavilion and she LOVES it. I would love to see what all the fuss is about. πŸ˜‰ I do miss having a laptop. πŸ˜€

  • Nikkita Berg

    I would like to win this because the laptop we have now is really slow.

  • I need a new computer, mine is old and slow. My daughter could use this for school. This would be very nice to have

  • Just blessed as this is the one I was looking at for a family present to my daughter and family.. Thank you so much!

  • lynn brannen

    I sure could use a new laptop I might be nice and share it with some family members.

  • Patricia Graefe

    Because my current one is broken.

  • beth kelsay

    I don’t have a computer and had to borrow my brothers laptop

  • Isabel

    I need to win this so I can work more and support myself. I have difficulty working at the site because of my illness.

  • Donna Cheatle

    I’d love to win because I’d love to have a new laptop. More specifically, I’d love to have a new HP laptop! We’ve had great experiences with HP and wouldn’t hesitate to get another one!

  • My desktop is so old, I have XP on it and so little RAM that I have to re-boot several times a session just to visit the web sites…this would be wonderful

  • I want to win one because I’ve never-ever had my OWN computer. Never! My finger’s are crossed though XX…..Best of luck to everyone who has entered!! Happy Holidays!

  • I would love to win one so I can use it to organize and edit my pictures. Photography is my passion and hobby and I have tons of memory cards filled with pictures. To have them organized would be great.

  • michelle gilliland mcafee

    My son’s laptop broke and I can’t afford a new one for him right now. He loves to use it to make music and hopes to be a music producer one day.

  • Jenny

    Because I am tired of sharing mine with the children. I want one all to myself πŸ™‚

  • Mary

    Would really appreciate winning one. I was delighted to receive one as a gift from my whole family a couple of years ago. Sad to say, I stupidly left it sitting on a chair, not expecting that a precious grandchild, who happens to have autism and limited understanding, would decide to kneel on it. I have been using an old desktop since, very slow and has reactivated chronic back pain. What I wouldn’t give to have my laptop back. Of course the warranty didn’t cover the damage, any more than insurance would cover my digital camera which was sent for a swim in the fish tank!!!! Love my grandkids LOL.

  • Adam J

    Give the laptop to my fiancee! Her laptop is nearing the end and works sporadically, this would be a great present for her for work and school.

  • Jeanette H.

    My husbands computer recently broke so I would give it to him for Christmas (:

  • My son desperately needs a new laptop.

  • cassandra

    i have an old dinosaur pc and I teach home school so a new laptop would make things so much easier

  • Didi M

    My computer crashed and would love to win one. Thank you for the chance.

  • Mary L

    I’d love to win this so my 9-year-old daughter & I don’t have to share computers any more!

  • Priscilla

    My son is starting college next Fall and is in need of a laptop to take with him πŸ™‚ What perfect timing this would be!!!

  • debbie campbell

    I need a laptop before my daughter goes to college.

  • kelly bright

    For my husband, I have a pink one, he doesnt have one.

  • Buddy Garrett

    Can you believe I don’t have one. Life would be easier on the go if I had one.

  • Gina

    It would be a Christmas gift for my son. Have a blessed day and thank you for the opportunity!

  • I came to get in my last entries and it says it is over :(. It’s only 10:30 eastern so I dunno…

  • Robert Rollins

    I just want to win. I could use a laptop for school.

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