Hershey’s Chocolate Mission Giveaway

Hershey’s Chocolate Mission Giveaway

mission giveaway

Easter is just around the corner. Celebrate with Hershey’s Chocolate for a fun Easter Egg Hunt. Hershey’s offers a wide variety of chocolates for Easter day. What’s your favorite kind of Hershey’s chocolate?

About Our Sponsor

Hershey's Chocolate

CelebrateWithHersheys.com is your online destination for everything Easter! Updated weekly, the second-annual virtual HERSHEY’S Bunny Trail will highlight favorite Easter traditions, memories and tips to ensure you have the perfect Easter holiday on Sunday, March 31st. Make sure you check out the HERSHEY’S Bunny Trail!

The Prizes

Hershey's Chocolate Easter Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive and give a HERSHEY’S Easter basket, filled with your favorite HERSHEY’S Easter candy including HERSHEY’S Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs, YORK Peppermint Pattie Eggs, CADBURY Hollow Milk Chocolate Bunny, HERSHEY’S KISSES Brand Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny, JOLLY RANCHER Wild Berry Jelly Beans

Winner Keeps: One Hershey’s Easter Basket

Winner Shares: One Hershey’s Easter Basket

How to Enter

The Giveaway will open up on 3/19 12:01 am EST and Close on 3/22 at 11:59 pm EST. Open to US only.

Complete the mandatory entries on the Rafflecopter below.

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Hershey’s Chocolate Mission Giveaway

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  • Katherine

    I liked the egg decorating tips

  • Shannon Baas

    dyeing eggs with silk ties

  • Sacha Schroeder

    I like the Easter activities your kids will love article!

  • talisha sturms

    I loved reading all the creative ways of activities you can do with kids. Easter is my favorite so i am always looking at fun ways to do more.

  • McKim

    I liked the egg dyeing tips.

  • Stephanie V

    easter activities with the kids – like cooking together – LOVE that!

  • Margaret Smith

    I like the favorite Easter memories. Brings back some really fond memories and wants me to make special memories for my kids.

  • I like the spirit of happiness the little children display and the joy the Moms have at creating the Easter baskets for their kids!

  • Jason

    I liked the egg hunt stories especially the golf ball story.

  • Winningmama2013

    I found the Easter Traditions that Make Memories very interesting.

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    I enjoyed learning new ways to die eggs with ties.

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    Dying eggs

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    I like knowing different ways to dye the eggs with my kids

  • I love the different Hershey’s activities 🙂

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    loved the black eye susan cheesecake idea i cant wait to try it for a recipie

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    I liked the dyeing with silk ties tip!

  • maggie barnes

    cooking the eggs, coloring in unique ways and enjoying family time getting ready for Easter.

  • The memories brought back memories of Easter when i was a child

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    egg decorations

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    Easter Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy

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    i love Hershey’s

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    Easter Activities Your Kids Will Love

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    I liked the 3 Easter Activities Your Kids Will Love blog post

  • Steve Konrad

    Nothing better than handfuls of Kisses.

  • Sharon Miller

    I Loved The Dyeing Egg Tips!

  • I liked the part about dying the eggs. That is what I did when I was little and my mom would tell us the Easter bunny would come and hide them. I did this with my son also,

  • Shani

    I liked the video about the perfect Easter basket.

  • sherry warlick

    I like the basket ideas.

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    easter egg hunts which can be challenging in the snow

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    the easter activities your kids will love




    Dying eyes with silk ties!

  • carol

    different egg dyeing tricks

  • Monique Rizzo

    The egg dyeing tips.
    Thanks for the chance.

  • Traci Lynn Butler

    I like the Paska bread recipe

  • I liked the egg decorating tips.

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    I like the egg dyeing with silk ties

  • Missy P.

    I love the popcicle stick Easter Baskets!!! Super Cute!!

  • The Kid Activities were great! I will definitely be doing them with my kids for years to come.

  • I enjoyed learning how I can tie dye my Easter eggs.

  • Peggy Greco

    It was fun seeing eye dyeing, a tradition for Easter!

  • Carol

    Easter Activities Your Kids Will Love.

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    i love the egg dying tips..ty!!!

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    Dyeing Eggs with Silk Ties

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    dyeing eggs with silk ties

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    Paska bread recipe!!!

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    I love the Easter Decoration Ideas.

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    I like the Clever Housewife’s Silk Tie egg dying idea! I didn’t know you could do that!

  • I enjoyed the egg dying tips the most but enjoyed some recipes too.Happy Easter.

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    I liked dyeing Eggs with Silk Ties

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    I love the Easter Traditions that Make Memories

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  • I love the idea to dye eggs with old silk ties!

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    I like the Dyeing Eggs with Silk Ties I think that is pretty cook

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    The egg hunt stories are nice.

  • the post about dyeing the eggs via fabric soaked in vinegar was interesting.. but I most ejoyed Audreys son in his pjs getting some early treats and eating the Hersheys rabbit! so adorable!
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

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    I loved the egg dyeing with ties. It is such a fun idea!

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    I love the creative ideas…especially the Dyeing Eggs with Silk Ties…clever! 🙂 Thank you.

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    I liked the different ways to dye eggs
    jenhedger at hotmail dot com

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    Dyeing Eggs with Silk Ties

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    I like the Easter ideas from other people

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    I love the group tips about starting towards the middle and working your way out… I’ve seen the mad house of kids knocking each other over just to get that one egg 😛

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    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    My 90 year old mom and I attend church together. Then, I come home and make a turkey and a ham dinner. I have my 26 year old daughter, my 28 year old son and his 27 year old wife over for dinner. I still buy Easter goodies for everyone. I buy my mom an Easter lily. My mom lives with me so it’s nice to have flowers on her bedside table.

  • Diana C

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    Diana C

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    The kids reactions to Easter

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    Kids Love Easter Egg Hunts

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