How to Make Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

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How to Make Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

How to Make Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

That’s right, the Fall season is upon us and that means more fun Halloween videos! We love the new Mummies Cupcake Mix by In the Mix and couldn’t wait to try it. Halloween isn’t official until you have some Mummy cupcakes, right? The kit includes cupcake mix, frosting mix, candy eyes, piping bag and decorating tip, and 12 mummy wrap cupcake aprons. It makes 12 cupcakes. Watch the bandit making these fun snacks below! A great treat to enjoy for your Halloween party or for your kids to make this Fall.

Mummy Cupcake Kit

The Bandit had a lot of fun making these and you can watch how to make mummy cupcakes for your next Halloween party.

Buy your Mummy Cupcake Kit online at WeAim2Pleez! You can also purchase a lot of the gorgeous decor items in the video at WeAim2Pleez including the cute pillow, cupcake kit, Frances and Frankie Joe Spencer dolls and more. More Halloween how to’s to come this season!

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