How to Find Employment in Four Steps

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How to Find Employment in Four StepsFinding employment can be hard. Here are four steps from preparing to training for your next job. Leanforward gives us the employment resources we need to find the best employment opportunities.

1 – Prepare

The most important item you can prepare when finding employment is your resume. Use a resume template to make creating it easier and to make sure you don’t leave any important information out. Don’t make common mistakes like flash fonts, irrelevant information and most importantly bad grammar! Your resume will most likely be put in the do not hire pile if you use bad grammar. Be sure you know how to use there, their and they’re as well as you’re and your!

2 – Apply

Be sure to follow directions when applying such as including all important information. Make sure you send a custom resume to each employer.

3 – Interview

First of all, congratulations! Your resume made a good impression. Be sure to prepare for your interview. During your interview, use proper etiquette and abide by the company dress code. Bring extra copies of your resume to hand out to each person at the interview.

4 – Training

Be sure to have the required formal training for the job you are applying. Identify and gain any valuable skills that are required for the job you are seeking. Specialty training in the field is always an added bonus and can make your resume stand out.

Be sure to stay organized and focus when seeking employment. By doing so, you’ll get yourself on the fast track to finding the right job for you. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for finding potential employers and contacts. It is an excellent source for networking. Create a detailed profile. Use it. Connect with everyone you know.

Once you receive a job offer, you should always evaluate the offer carefully. You can always reject the offer if it doesn’t fit your needs. Always be polite even if you reject an offer. Remember, never burn your bridges! You never know when the same person will be hiring again for another position.

Good luck!

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  • md kennedy

    Another recommendation I would make: practice your interview! Have a loved one ask you “classic” interview questions as if you are in a real interview. You can get interview questions online in a lot of places.