Dog Days of Summer Swimming Pool Giveaway!


Dog Days of Summer Swimming Pool Giveaway!

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Enter to win a Swimming Pool!

Winner will receive:

Swimming Pool

Filter pump

Sure Step ladder


Repair Patch


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  • Kristen H

    I was 7 and a lady from our church taught me

  • Jennifer Marie

    I was probably about 6. My mom taught me.

  • Kerri O

    6yrs old in my MomMoms Pool. 🙂

  • I believe I was 6 years old & was taught by a swimming instructor my family knew.

  • stephanie dewaide


  • Lynda H.

    I was in grade school, and I pretty much taught myself so I’m not a swimmer that uses the right technique. I am now, though, because I’ve been teaching free Red Cross swimming classes in the summer with my kids.

  • diane welburn

    I was 4 years old and my uncle taught me 🙂

  • Karil Whetstone

    I learned how to swim when I was 3 years old later I taught swimming lessons now i’m teaching my grandchildren how to swim

    What a great pool giveaway

  • I was 5 when i learned how to swim i was taught by my Dad !

  • kamilah

    despite many lessons, i still can’t seim

  • Abbe Brown

    I was 10 when my Dad taught me.

  • Karen

    In a lake with the neighborhood lifeguard.

    • Karen

      I was about 6 or 7 .

  • shauna moreno

    I was about 6 or 7 my mom taught all 3 of us, over the summer

  • Lisa Burke Cook

    I was 5 years old and my daddy taught me!

  • Jayne

    I don’t remember my age but I remember teaching myself at the community pool because that was the only way to get into the “cool” pool with the older kids.

  • Stephanie H

    I was 2 years old when I learned to swim

  • Stephanie H

    My mom taught me to swim and when I was a little older I took swimming lessons

  • Babysitter’s daughter pushed me into a pool at 8 years old. I learned to swim real fast.

  • judy d

    i was 6 1/2 and my mom and my brother taught me to swim

  • chelesa sims

    i was 7 and my mom taught me

  • I never learned how to swim. Thanks for the chance to win.



  • Kimberly M.

    I honestly don’t know how old I was when I learned to swim but I know my dad taught me.

  • Amy Orvin

    I was about 5 and I learned at the YMCA

  • Becky Bartlett

    I was about 12 and I taught myself. My mom was scared of the water and my Dad could just dog paddle, I went to the pool everyday for the summer and taught myself how to swim.

  • Amy Tolley

    I was 5 and i learned in Germany when we lived out there at the gym on base…

  • Andrea Brown

    I dont remember an exact age, I just remember I have always been able to swim. Never had lessons or anything, just always been able to swim:)

  • April

    I was about 4. My dad tossed me in and that was that 🙂

  • Allie Lanc

    I have no idea how old I was, but I think I learned from swimming lessons at the local country club pool…

  • Ellie

    I was about 4 and my mom taught me how.

  • d. calton

    I don’t really remember how old I was when I learned to swim… but I remember nearly drowning in my grandmother’s pool when I was about 4- that was motivation to learn…

  • rebecca o

    I never learned how to swim above water.

  • I honestly don’t remember either. Im a fish in water though and have been since I was 5 at least. I started ice skating then as well!I lived on a lake. My father said he threw me in and said sink or swim, lol

  • Kelly Falcone

    I was about 6 years old. I took swim lessons.

  • Sandra Brower

    I learned to swim when I was 7. I got carried away and jumped into the deep end of the pool when my Dad said he would come in and teach my sister and I to swim at the hotel pool after we got back from the beach. By the time he had gotten through showering off from the beach and walked around the building to the pool I had already managed to make it to the side of the pool sputtering and spitting. So I taught myself to swim to keep from drowning my stupid self!! LOL

  • Lanie K.

    I learned when I was about 5. My mom used to take me to the pool with my floaties.

  • Carol Buchman

    I was 5 years old & my dad taught me.

  • I’m not sure exactly how old I was. My dad was a lifeguard before we were born, so he taught my brother and I how to swim.

  • Kimberly K.

    My mom’s boyfriend taught me how to swim when I was 6 years old in his aunt’s swimming pool by having me swim toward while he kept backing up.

    kellysydow at yahoo dot com

  • sara ford

    I was 5 years old and my dad taught me

  • sara ford

    Its crazy I just put I need to get a pool for my kids on facebook and then found this contest. I live in phoenix az where the summers are 115 and over its hard for the kids to go out and play so there in side more of the time bord it would be to cool to give them this for the summer!!

  • Connie Baker

    I took lessons at the YMCA when I was about 10 years old….

  • i was 10

  • Helen

    I have no idea but I was really young

  • I was five, by my mom

  • Bobb Bird

    My dad taught me to swim when I was 8 🙂

  • Debbie P

    I remember taking swimming lessons in early elementary days, but don’t remember exactly what age.

  • Erin Rok

    I honostly can’t remember how old I was, I know I was very little.

  • Arlene Whitfield

    I took lessons at the YMCA when I was 8. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • brandi hawn

    3, my dad taught me 🙂

  • Jessica E Ledford

    I was probably 6 or so, and I took lessons at my summer day camp.

  • Krista Keener

    i was real young when i first learned, i was about 4 or 5 and my father taught me to swim

  • Tamra

    I was probably about 5 or 6, my Aunt taught me how!

  • Kristi F

    Still don’t but want my kids to learn

  • Bobb Bird

    In the section where you follllow sites either GFC,You Tube, feedburner, etc. I was able to follow all except fot the 2 Instagram/ Followgram ones. I do not have an account and do not have a smart phone. I even tried searching the web to sign up for an account, this is not possible without the smartphone, I just kept getting messages telling me how to do it from my phone. I am hoping that you will credit me entries for all of the other sites that I was able to folllow (I even signed up for accounts to be able to follow them), though these 2 Followgram ones I was unable to do.

  • I am still not great at it, but I actually joined the swim team at school to get over my fear of water and learn LOL The team hated me! I was carried off by current when I was younger and had been petrified since… the swim team in junior high taught me the basics and built my confidence up.

  • Donna

    I took lessons at the city park when I was 7

  • Wanda McHenry

    I believe I was around 5 and my neighbor taught me, they had a pool.

  • stephanie brownstein

    my dad tought me when i was about 6

  • Renee Rivera

    I Was 4 when Learned Swim And I Was 6 Learning How To Surf And Boogie Board My Dad Was The One Who Taught Me =}

  • amber demeo

    I was like 6 and I just learned on my own. I went swimming in friends pools all the time. But my kids have been taking swim lessons for the past couple of summers and now I want to get a pool for them! Crossing my fingers!!! 🙂

  • I was between 7-9 and I taught myself!

  • I was about 4 years old and learned from our local swim lessons


    Dog Days of Summer Swimming Pool Giveaway!

  • Dawn Reid

    I was about 12 when I learned

  • DO I know how to swim? I was 8 or 9 or so… Kinda took swimming lessons, kinda just learned on my own by watching others. Not a great swimmer though.

  • Melissa Belle

    I was about 3 and my parents taught me, because my grandparents had their own pool.

  • Valerie L

    Never learned, no one taught me.

  • Nicole Carter

    I sadly still don’t know how to swim! Tried two different times when I was young (took classes) but to no avail! I can doggie paddle LOL

  • Bernice

    I learned to swim when I was about 6 and my Sisters taught me

  • Cindy Bowling

    Never learned how to swim

  • marian lake

    around 8 years old…went to swimming lessons

  • Rachel Ellis

    I was 7 or so. We took lessons at the YMCA.

  • Angela Johnson

    6 years old and swimming lessons

  • I was around 7 years old,my step-dad threw me in the Mississippi River,I learned to swim enough to save myself then…

  • Kate

    I learned to swim when I was 5. I went to swimming lessons at the local pool.

  • I don’t remember ever not knowing how to swim so IDK how old I was OR who taught me 🙂

  • Kathleen

    I was taught by an instructor when I was 5.

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