Discover The Forest Giveaway

I love sharing when it comes to a great cause. This post is part of a Bloggin’ Mamas Social Good Campaign and I was not compensated for doing so.

Discover The Forest Giveaway

Discover The Forest Giveaway

Welcome to the Discover the Forest giveaway where one winner will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! Bloggin’ Mamas is sponsoring this giveaway in support of the Ad Council and the U.S. Forest Service’s “Discover the Forest” campaign celebrating the recent National Public Lands Day (September 26th).

Discover the Forest #Naturehood

We would like to encourage you to enjoy your local #Naturehood and to help encourage others to do the same. These “naturehoods” are just a short drive away, making it easy for families to unplug from the daily routine and re-connect with nature.

Does it ever seem like your kids aren’t spending nearly as much time outdoors as you did when we were little? With all of the new technologies and overscheduling of today’s world, it’s easy to forget just how close—and how important— your local forest or green space really is for your kids! There are many developmental benefits for children who spend time in nature, and it’s closer than you think.

Did you know? Children who play outside are more creative, have lower stress levels and more active imaginations. They also become fitter and leaner, develop stronger immune systems, and have greater respect for themselves and others as well as the environment.

Check Out This Cool Experiment

“A bit of back story on it: For the most part, it was a real, live experiment with kids. We really did promise that they would get to test out “the most realistic game in production,” and bussed them to a local NYC park to do so. We got to watch their reactions when they realized that the forest itself was the game!” Below is a quote from the video’s creative director that you should feel free to use: “We tricked a bunch of kids into putting down their video games by telling them that they’d be testing an even better video game. When we finally revealed that the forest itself was the game, they weren’t the least bit disappointed. As a mom, I see firsthand how stressed out kids are these days and how hard they’re pushed by school requirements and state testing. It was a pleasure to work on a project supporting getting kids out into nature which is scientifically proven to offer meaningful health benefits to these kids,” said Jill Applebaum, Creative Director.

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And Now for the Giveaway!

One Winner will Win a $100 Amazon Giftcard!

  • Giveaway begins September 30th, 2015 at 12:01am EST and ends October 13th, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST
  • Open to US residents age 18 and older.
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Disclosure: Bloggin’ Mamas is hosting this giveaway and coordinating prize fulfillment. Element Associates, The Ad Council and the US Forest Service are in no way responsible for the giveaway, and only provided the above content to be distributed in the form of a PSA.

Discover The Forest Giveaway

Melanie Kampman

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  • Shannon Baas

    We enjoy visiting forests on vacation as we don’t live near any.

  • Kathy Luman

    We don’t have a forest near by, however, across street there is a park that has one tree from every state. It is beautiful over there. There is also bench and a pond over there. A lot of people go there to take family pictures. Yes my kids and some of my grand children have been over there.

  • Kathy

    We have forests all around and we especially love visiting in fall when the leaves are changing

    • Yes, they are so gorgeous in the fall! Fall is my favorite time of year!

  • Denise S

    We live an hour from Rocky Mountain National Park and go there occasionally.

  • Kathy Hanley

    Yes we do have forests and we spend lots of time in County and State parks hiking and exploring!

  • Peter G

    Yes I have a forest near my home and I have taken the family there. Hiking, picnics and picture taking.

  • We doe have the Francis Marion National Forest that is not too far from my house. Never really lived near one when my daughter was young

  • Adrienne Gordon

    We have the cuyahoga valley national park system.

  • Margaret Smith

    We have some county parks that we visit and we also have woods in our yard.

  • melissa Resnick

    we have lots of parks and we go all the time

  • Catherine R

    I do live near a few forests, and we try to take advantage of that at least a few times a year.

  • Charles-Linda Bradshaw

    No, we do not have one. We have not taken our kids either.

  • McKim

    We have a forest about 30 miles away from our home. We go up there camping several times a year.

  • Sandra S

    Yes, we live a couple of miles from Cascade Falls, and I take the kids there often, to walk, play in the trees (and water) and to picnic.

  • Ann Fantom

    Yes, we many forests near our house. We go on family hikes in them frequently

  • beth shepherd

    Yes! My family loves the woods and often go hiking. Thank you

  • Kate F.

    We have a forest a few miles away from us, but we don’t explore it very often.

  • Cynthia C

    My home is on a heavily wooded lot and my kids explored daily in our woods.

  • Tari Lawson

    We have many woodland areas near us. We take our kids out to enjoy them often.

  • sue14625

    we have a forest but are not supposed to go in there privately owned i think

  • Jeanna

    We have a state park not to far away from us, but I’m not sure it’s considered a forest! We try to go when it’s not too hot and spend time climbing the canopy walkway!

  • Michelle Garrity

    No forests, but lots of parks

  • heather s

    No forest but I have a park nearby. Not alot of trees but some

  • Ashley C

    We have lots of forests nearby and we explore them frequently! We also have tons of trees/wooded areas around our house that we can explore on a daily basis.

  • Suzanne K

    No forests here, but I did take my daughter to a nearby botanic garden so she could discover the trees there.

  • We have a forest about 30 minutes from here. I took my children there when they were young.

  • nickie

    No forests, but we have lots of parks

  • Debbi Wellenstein

    We live in Kansas, so there are no forests nearby. We made a trip to Wisconsin this year,. where there are lots of forests, and we explored like crazy!

  • Crystal F

    We do not. I really wish we did as I think it would be fun to explore. Thank you!

  • Crystal E.

    We don’t have an actual “forest”, but we live in rural Texas, and there’s plenty of country around here with lots of woods. I don’t think I could ever live in a city away from my trees, hills and fields!

  • kim keithline

    We don’t have a forest we do have a game preserve that we go hiking in all the time and we love camping in national parks

  • RussR

    It’s a nice drive to the forest and a great hike along the way

  • Brittney House

    We have a couple by us that we like to hike in when the weather is nice. My kids like to bird watch.

  • Danielle

    We go camping a couple times a year in the forest and we find bike trails. Love to go huckleberry picking.

  • Kathie Craig

    We do not live near a forest nor have we taken our boys to one.

  • anthony ciofani

    no I live in the city no forest.

  • Klydra Pugh

    We do have forest area near our home and the children love it
    Thanks for the chance

  • Kyl Neusch

    no forest nearby

  • Richard Hicks

    Yes we have forested area behind the house and kids explore it often

  • Marilyn Hagan

    I’m at home in the forest and have to go whenever I can…

  • Josh M

    Our family has a cabin in the mountains so we try to take the kids up every year.

  • Tracy Shafer

    We do have a forest near us…I live in Oregon so am surrounded by them and mountains

  • Natalie S

    We live on 2.5 acres and a good 1.5 acres is forested so my boys go in there to explore all the time 🙂

  • brandy c

    No, I do not have a forest near my neighborhood that I know of.

  • Holly B

    We have lots of beautiful parks here in Summit county Ohio, Ledges & Gorge park are beautiful forests!

  • tinareynolds

    We are blessed with some not too terribly far from us that we love visting especially now with fall weather

  • sexybrat

    We don’t have a forest near by. We have taken the kids camping near a forest though, and did take hikes with them.

  • Samantha

    We do not have a forest near by, but we will occassionally drive up to a big park about an hour away.

  • Erica Carnes

    We go hiking in several parks.

  • Kimberly Deallovingrandma Stcl

    We go to Natural Bridge often

  • Keeley Sullivan

    We don’t have a forest near us but try to go hiking whenever we are near one.

  • Betty Curran

    We have Fontenelle Forest near us. It’s a maintained area within the city. I haven’t been there but my grandchildren have hiked there.

  • Nycole K

    We are lucky enough to live near Shenandoah National forest.

  • Carol Godfrey

    We don’t have a forest near our neighborhood, however we go to local National forests in our area!

  • Rebecca Peters

    We live in maine and we have forests and woods all around us. we go hiking and on nature walks all the time

  • Peggy Rydzewski

    We have a large local park and we always go on nature walks looking for something new to talk about.

  • cpsnsamples

    We live in the country so we have woods all around us..the grandkids love to roam and check it all out

  • Karen Drake

    We live in the Smoky Mountains so we have forests all around us.

  • Robert Tschinkel

    I have taken my grand nephews to Cuyahoga Valley Nation Park in Ohio, just beautiful

  • Cynthia Dawson

    We have great wooded parks and nature trails where we live now. We also enjoy vacationing in the blue ridge mountains so my daughter gets to explore the forests often!

  • Michelle Elizondo

    Yes we have and yes my kids enjoyed it.

  • Vikki Billings

    We do not have a forest near us, I wish there were so I could take my grandchildren, I think they would love it.

  • Trisha Mcee

    We have forests all around us and yes, we go hiking a lot. We have a lot of respect and awe for the outdoors.

  • Bryan E.

    Thank You for the giveaway…our family enjoys visits to the forests of N. Arizona during the summer months.

  • Sand

    I’m surrounded by a desert forrest, but I can’t go outdoors because I have universal vitiligo and burn instantly.

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