Creating A Summer Haven For Kids

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Creating A Summer Haven For KidsAs days become longer and the sunlight pours into your garden, you might want to consider sprucing up the yard to make it an even more inviting place to spend time. Kids are notoriously addicted to playing indoors with electronics in this day and age, so we have to do our best to get them outside and enjoy some vitamin D in the sun.

Think Water

Kids love playing in water when the temperatures spike, so if you don’t have a pool installed then think up ways to entice them to splash around. Playing with the garden hose, sprinklers, or even an inflatable pool will all do the trick. You can even go old school and have a sliding contest with some soap, water and a plastic sheet – you are never too old to play with bubbles!

Set Up a Vegetable Garden

Looking for a way to connect with your kids in a fun way? Take on a project to plant a small vegetable garden in the backyard! Get the kids involved in growing fresh food that you can cook together as a family. The kids can decorate cards to label the sections and really get involved in learning how to nurture and grow a plant over time. For a list of summer produce, click here.

Set up a Camping Evening

Create an adventure in your backyard! Set up a camping evening with your kids and their friends by pitching tents in the garden, roasting marshmallows on a disposable grill and telling spooky stories with a torch under your chin. This will be a great bonding experience for you and your kids, and their friends will love you for it, too!

Make the Outdoors as Comfortable as Indoors

The number one reason that kids probably prefer to hang out inside is pure comfort. That doesn’t mean your garden can’t be as comfortable as your living room! Create a comfortable shaded area for sitting outside by setting up a small pergola or install a big beach umbrella in the grass. Deck it out with easily washable rugs, comfy throw pillows and cushions. Run an electrical outlet wire so the kids can plug in their electronics if they would like to play games outside. At least then your kids are enjoying the fresh air and sun while they play their games.

Adopt a Tree

Most gardens have at least one tree residing happily and creating shade, so take the opportunity to teach your kid how to love and appreciate nature. Tree climbing can be a fun exercise, and can teach your kid how to assess risk and get good exercise. Name the tree, research how old it is and what type of tree it is and have your kids build a connection to it. If you’re particularly handy, you can build a tree house with your kid and if you’re not, you can at least get involved designing a tree house and get help from a friend or family member.

Of course, all these tips require caution and safety procedures. When dealing with nature, you have to do your homework and research whether certain plants, tree and wildlife pose a risk or danger to your kids. Always supervise outdoor play and talk to yours kids about what is safe and what is risky.

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and an avid home improvement enthusiast. Should you have any questions to her, feel free to get in touch via Twitter.

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  • Christina

    Some of the best times I had as a child involved a water hose and trampoline! Great ideas!

  • Cami Valenzuela

    Some great ideas :) I am already trying to get summer ready here