Coach Handbag Giveaway

Coach Handbag Giveaway

Welcome to another great Coach handbag giveaway! I know how much you love to win handbags! Here’s the perfect accessory for the fall and winter! We’re giving you a chance to win an awesome Coach purse. We all need that one awesome bag and this Edie shoulder bag by Coach is the perfect accessory to hold your essentials!

Giveaway is open to worldwide, ages 18 and older. If winner is outside the United States they will receive a cash equivalent USD paid via Paypal. Giveaway ends October 31, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST. Enter to win via the giveaway form below and good luck!

Coach Giveaway

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  • Kelly Massman

    I seriously would wish for world peace! 🙂

    thanks for a chance to win! kmassman gmail

  • Beth Hill

    Stop the bullying in schools and on the streets.

    • I want you to giveaway next is a purse with wallet with skulls on it

  • Eg Kaufman


  • Judy

    To reverse the custody of my 11 year old daughter.

  • Lisa Rose

    My wish would be to get back in to school so I can get a decent job.

  • Kathleen

    I’m not sure how to complete the 1st entry? I clicked on the link and was taken to the secret word page. I let a comment there… Hope that’s right… THANKS for the AWESOME giveaway!!

  • Kathleen

    My wish is to be able to live in the country. I am a country girl and I miss the peace and quiet!

  • Lisa K

    I’d wish for a cure for Cancer.

  • ginette4

    If I was granted one wish I would wish to be cured of Crohn’s disease and get my life back

  • michelle jadaa

    My health back so i could be the old me for my husband

  • Gloria Walshver

    My wish was granted I recovered from Cancer 6 years ago.

  • Jennifer Johansen

    I wish for a world in which my daughters won’t have to be taught how to avoid being raped because boys are taught to not rape.

  • Lisa

    I’d wish my sister would’nt have trouble getting pregnant

  • Jessica Holybee

    id wish for my kids to have a good life full of love and happieness

  • Laurie Nykaza

    For my son’s heart transplant he has now to last over 50 years!

  • Trish F

    Hello, I would wish for my health, I’ve found life sucks when your sick all of the time. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • that bastard soul

    i wish i was with my girl right now.

  • Harry Pleer

    I would wish to have all my family’s debts to disappear!

  • Linda Nguyen

    I wish for my uncle to get better and get out of the hospital.

  • Serena Powell

    I would give my wish to my Mother. She deserves it way more than I do.

  • Brown Maisha

    I would wish for a million wishes!

  • TheresaJenkins

    …that the Hubby find a JOB soon, please

  • edq143

    I’d wish to start things off on a clean slate, debt wise

  • Angela Lang

    I wish for everyone to have a wonderful holiday.

  • Rachel Travis

    I would wish for money to travel the world 🙂

  • Leslie

    I’d wish for more money than I could ever spend 🙂

  • Chrystal D

    I’d wish to win the lottery so I could buy my mom a new house

  • jeanne p

    I’d wish for the health of my children

  • Lisa Davis

    Better health

  • Jennifer Johansen

    Hardwood floors.

  • My MIL to come and live with us and let us help her before it is too late.

  • Carolyn Colley

    my health, you just don’t know until it’s gone

  • Ruzica Matic

    for my family to always be happy and healthy 🙂

  • Stephanie Kiggins

    A million coach bags 🙂 hehehehe

  • Summer

    Happiness and Wealth for my family

  • Ruthann Myers

    happyness and walth and for my family

  • Kim Drolet

    For children to happy and healthy lives.

  • Christal Amor Maravilla


  • Lanie

    Good health and wealth for my family 🙂

  • mullin77

    I would wish for Peace and Happiness on Earth for everyone
    Cathy Truman

  • Shemp DeYoung

    I would wish for my own radio station and a silent partner with the funds to run it.

  • Terrie Meerschaert

    I would wish for world peace and an end to poverty

  • TMartin26

    To find a job with benefits.

  • Debbie Corbin

    to find a job.. I need one bad!

  • Danielle P.

    I would wish for my student loans to be paid in full.

  • Sara Christine Compton

    I am very interested! I will email you in a few.

  • Amanda O.

    For me not to have to worry about my student loans!

  • Tonya Vogel

    At this moment in my life I would wish for a financial miracle!! c:

  • Vicki Shaw

    I would wish for the perfect job for a shy person like me.

  • blessedta

    Peace on earth

  • Candice Montgomery

    And end to poverty.

  • diesel51p

    Health and my family to share that.

  • Sandy McFadden

    That my health gets straightened out, 2013 was a very bad year for that.

  • Jennifer

    I would wish for better health.

  • Chris McKenzie

    Yes, need to find a job. Just lost mine a week ago. Life’s tough out there.

  • Pat Turner

    more wishes!

  • tracydavis

    I would like to win the lottery.

  • Kim Greig

    I’d wish to have all our loans (car, mortgage, bank loan) paid off.

  • Lisa R

    I would like to win the lottery and help all of my family out.

  • Terressa T.

    financial freedom with unlimited funds

  • Melissa

    I would wish for my children to have successful futures…

  • oppodude

    Not to have to worry

  • Rhonda McElveen

    I would wish that my mom would get her eyesight back.

  • Megan Saving Money

    I would wish for the health of my family.

  • Stefanie Cornwall

    I’d wish for my kids to sleep through the nigh every night!

  • Heather Howard

    I would wish for a cure for my daughter’s muscle disease. In May of this year she was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis. She is only 4 but has been a real trooper through this whole thing.

  • LindaKish

    I would wish for help paying this year’s estimated taxes.

  • Petra S

    World peace.

  • MIssy Deelicious

    I wish I could live closer to my family.

  • Elaine

    world peace

  • Meghan

    That my children would grow up to be strong, successful and independent. i just want them to lead good lives.

  • kelleyk

    Fantastic health for my family!

  • irma5353

    My wish would be for better health for those who are in need of it

  • Faith I

    I would wish for my husband to find a job that makes him happy

  • Twyla Meyers

    If I could have one wish it’d be for a long prosperous life for my family.

  • matt roren

    to always have finacially securtiy

  • Priscilla

    I would wish for $5,000,000

  • Michelle

    Would LOVE to win but doubt I will….

  • chelsealdk

    I would wish for a new house for my family

  • joyceetal

    I know this is strange but, I would wish for anyone who is in jail or prison and is wrongly accused to somehow gain their freedom.

  • AprilJ212

    I would wish for my son to have a healthy and happy life.

  • Jen

    Wishing for healthy and stability for my entire family.

  • Marg Carlyle-Hicks

    I would wish for health and happiness for all my family and friends.

  • Amanda Alvarado

    My favorite accessories are purses

  • Michelle B

    It would be a coach bag for me. I had one long ago but I wore it out

  • Priscilla

    My favorite accessory is my favorite Coach bag and matching wallet.

  • Jammie

    It would have to be my necklace with my husband and I,

  • agordon10

    a diamond necklace

  • Sheila Fiske

    I never leave the house without earrings on.

  • margaretsmith

    A pendant necklace. I’d be lost without having one on.

  • Shannon Baas

    I would like universal health care.

  • buzzd

    a pretty scarf

  • Paula Willbanks

    My favorite accessory is jewelry. I never leave home without it. 🙂

  • beth dunlavy hoppe

    a nice ruby ring

  • Courtnie

    Necklaces are my favorite accessory.

  • Cathy Delfs Riley

    My only other coach purse it’s off white

  • Adina Clarke

    My wedding ring 🙂

  • Ellen Willett

    a handbag

  • MelissaMarinho

    My favorite accessory is definitely my purse!!!

  • Dawn Wiley-Rader

    my favorite accessory is definitely a necklace my children gave me…says “I Love you mom”

  • anne marie

    My favorite accessory is my crochet bag….

  • Sandy McFadden

    My favorite accessory is my cuff watches…………..I wear a different depending on my mood or what I am wearing or doing.

  • Emily Morelli

    My all-time favorite accessory is a colorful scarf.

  • Lisa Rose

    A nice sincere smile is the best accessory.

  • Tracy Melhinch

    My earrings or purse

  • BuffaloProud

    my cell phone 🙂

  • Karen Winslow


  • Lorina Padgett

    Earrings. I never leave home without them.

  • Elizabeth Hummel

    My wedding ring. It’s the only accessory I wear all the time and goes with everything.

  • Sue Barney

    My wedding ring 🙂

  • Candice Montgomery

    My black newsboy cap

  • hawkshoe

    My favorite accessory is a necklace that my husband bought me.

  • carol bondell

    I would think earring, because I wont leave my house without them

  • Richard Hicks

    My fav all time accessory is a gold watch I got last xmas

  • matt lehman

    my wifes favorite fashion accessory is these coach purses…lol.

  • markathy

    My favorite is my Grandmothers necklace

  • nickie burke

    my wedding ring

  • Jenn McCarthy

    the necklace my 7 year old got me

  • quilligan

    I have a thing for bracelets.

  • Lorena Keech

    I have a brooch that belonged to my grandmother that I love wearing.

  • starr_greenwell

    I LOVE bracelets, they are my favorite accessory.

  • cynthiac

    I like shoes – all kinds of shoes!

  • Brittney House

    My cheap 10 dollar arrow ring is my favorite accessory.

  • Lisa

    I love necklaces

  • Tamar

    I like my bag but I could use a new one.

  • mullin77

    My wedding ring and my cross necklace
    Cathy Truman

  • Ancilla Jagdeo

    My favorite accessory would have to be a cute handbag. Especially if they match my shoes!

  • msrodeobrat

    I love big chunky, eye catching necklaces
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    entered as Ashley C

  • Jeanna johnson

    I have a small coach, clasp change purse that is my favorite!

  • Rebecca Peters

    I have a coach clutch.. its my staple.

  • Danielle

    My favorite accessory is a handbag and my pearls

  • mindymo

    My favorite are my aviator shades – coach of course!

  • Katie Roch

    My favorite accessory is my 8.5 carat Amathyst ring.

  • Joni Dolniak

    My favorite accessory would be bracelets.

  • Alyssa

    My favorite accessory is my Louis Vuitton pochette

  • rebecca

    My favorite is anything totally awesome that looks AND feels good


    this great watch i had in high school. it was great but unfortunately broke long ago

  • jeanette sheets

    my favorite accesory is my jewerly

  • marcicornelius

    my handbag

  • kristinwilkinson

    My jewelry, but especially my watches.

  • Denise Elliott

    I love my purse but it is falling apart this would be so great to win a new one. I am lost without a purse.

  • Eg Kaufman

    my wedding ring!!!

  • my wedding ring. I have never taken it off

  • Jennifer Hiles

    My necklaces are one of my favorite accessories.

  • Heather Dawn

    I love all of my purses!

  • kim

    My all time favorite accessory is a pair of diamond earings my husband bought me they are beautiful and they go with everything

  • Kate Finn

    My favorite would be earrings.

  • Rebecca Lock

    Earrings are my favorite accessory.

  • Danielle Sweetie Hall

    my rings are my fav

  • mizztara71

    My favorite accessory is a pair of sterling silver hoop earrings.

  • Kathleen Manthey

    My all time favorite accessory is a pair of pearl earrings that I have. They go with anything. From my jeans or dressed up to go out!

  • cng261974

    Necklaces are my favorite accessory.



  • Annabellainla

    I love purses – can’t have enough
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  • KPort207

    My purse

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  • chanceuse

    earrings, necklace, and watches

  • Trish Carlson

    Purse, earings, and necklace are my fav!

  • Rhonda McElveen

    My purse. I don’t wear jewelry too often.

  • bleushman


  • Cathy Coibion

    My tiny diamond earring studs are my favorite accessory ever.

  • Sharllene Knight

    I love rings and purses!

  • Jesse McGrory


  • ingridjen

    My purse

  • Lisa Voyce

    My favorite is a bracelet watch.

  • Brandi Price

    shoes and bags for sure!

  • sally guenterberg

    my husband got me a 3stone tanzanite ring a few years ago (so he would not be out on the street)

  • Sarah p

    I love a cuff bracelet 🙂

  • Eric Andrew Duhs

    What woman wouldn’t want the Kristen Sachel? I’d love to present this to my wife as a gift. Thanks for the chance.

  • lyromero77

    My fave accessory is a watch and stud earrings. I can’t leave home without them (RF form: Linda R)

  • Melinda Dartmann

    That would definitely have to be my purse and rings and bracelets!

  • Erica Carnes

    My glasses are!

  • Mia

    I like my heart necklace!

  • Laura Fugate

    My favorite accessory is the big diamond ring that my mother gave me.

  • Jeni Lutz

    My favorite accessory is my Pandora Bracelet

  • Leanne G

    My favorite accessory is my David Yurman bracelet. It goes with everything!

  • LMM831

    My wedding band

  • Peggy Rydzewski

    My favorite is a ring that was my mothers.

  • Laurie Emerson

    My favorite accessory is a scarf that my mom made me. It is multi colored and makes me think of her every time I wear it.

  • Dawn Schamp-Monzu

    My favorite is my “Mother’s ring” with my 2 kids’ birthstones…and my “divorce” ring I bought myself!

  • kohndr

    my engagement ring and my bracket my son brought me back from Japan…it has symbols for Love, Health, Happiness, Wealth

  • joegersh

    I love my beach hat

  • I’d have to say my ankle boots – easy to dress up and down.

  • eddi

    a handknit scarf 🙂

  • My favorite is my bracelet link watch!

  • Gwenni

    My favorite accessory is my lucky silver braid bracelet.

  • susansmoaks

    i like my sunglasses

  • beckydsl

    My favorite accessory is my purse.

  • brmetcalf

    I think my favorite accessory is my mother’s ring, that I got as a gift years ago for mother’s day, with all my children’s birthstones on it.

  • aekz2

    I can’t live without my sunglasses

  • Pam Schad

    My favorite accessory is a silver bracelet I got when we were in San Antonio.

  • Vikki Billings

    My favorite accessory is my grandmother’s ring that she left me.

  • trisha mckee

    My favorite accessory is my smile!

  • californiapoppy

    My all time favorite is my handbag , I never go anywhere without it

  • Bryan E.

    Thanks for the giveaway…my wife & daughters inform me that shoes are #1.

  • Donna Natale

    I would choose the Coach Bleecker Embossed Logo Leather Cooper Satchel in gold/powder blue if I won! I love that blue color!

  • Heather M.

    I like the beige color.

  • loriwilliams

    I commented on your Batman and Robin: Batman 3 coming in the Fall post. Thanks!

  • Peggy Doty

    My favorite accessory is the ring my mother left me.

  • brmetcalf

    I love the beige Coach handbag, it’s really nice. Thanks for having this contest.

  • Patti Wilder

    love to own one of pretty

  • Tracy Whelan

    I love the pink one!

  • melissa f

    I would love to win a Coach purse!

  • SanDee Roxx

    Oh boy! I have been eye-ing that peach/rose Coach purse for some time now! What a treat that would be! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • Teresa Daine Null

    i so would love to win coach purse and this one is just perfect!!! thank you for the chance!!!

  • Lisa K

    I commented on
    Pasta Salad with Chickpeas Recipe from The Hundred-Foot Journey.
    Looks so good!

  • I would choose the Coach Madison Leather Phoebe Shoulder Bag in light gold/peach rose because my fiance likes pink things.

  • Chris Gates

    Ohhh those bags are so pretty Love the powder blue color !

  • Angela Akinniyi

    I never had a Coach bag; this would be awesome to win! I love the Blue.

  • Lorayne Gothard

    I commented on
    Discount Orlando Theme Park Tickets

  • Jan

    I commented on the 100 Foot Journey French Onion Soup recipe 🙂

  • lmw1127

    would love to have this coach bag!

  • anne marie

    I left a comment on the 11 DIY Tips with Dawn Soap review. I liked the use of freezing Dawn in a freezer bag an using as an re-usable ice pack.

  • Ronald Ash

    Nice Coach bags.

  • Jessica Rutledge

    Madison for sure, both are gorgeous though. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Rusty

    Cure for breast cancer.

  • Laura Lemons

    I would choose the Coach Bleecker Embossed Logo Leather Cooper Satchel in gold/powder blue

  • I would choose the Coach Bleecker Embossed Logo Leather Cooper Satchel in gold/powder blue.

  • Laurie Nykaza

    prom-dress-styles-for-body-type posted on it

  • Rene Chartier

    I love them both and love Coach bags so either would be great but if I were asked to choose I would probably pick the
    Coach Bleecker Embossed Logo Leather Cooper Satchel in gold/powder blue. Rene Chartier

    If you won, which bag would you choose?

  • pixystik4u

    commented on “how to choose the right mattress”

  • anne marie

    I commented on the many uses of Dawn liquid soap.

  • bianca roman

    i would choose the satchel!!!!

  • Rebecca W

    I commented on the Uses of Dawn dish soap.

  • Gloria Walshver

    Love the satchel

  • Amy Fischer

    thank you

  • Tina McNally

    I love these giveaways

  • Dale Martin

    Awesome coach bags!

  • Tina McNally

    Love Giveaways

  • Cynthia Sanders Hood


  • Anne Flickinger


  • mail4rosey

    That is a gorgeous blue bag, and it would be my mother-in-law’s Christmas gift if I won. She would be a very happy woman. 🙂 I commented on your
    Wreaths for Door for Any Season Indoor or Outdoor post.

  • i love these bags soo much. love this giveaway!

  • Teounna

    I will really luv to own The Madison bag. Such a beautiful purse! 🙂

  • Tina McNally

    I love Coach Handbags

  • Ethel Hugs

    i love bags

  • Jeannette Freese

    Would love a coach bag!

  • Tina McNally

    I Love these giveaways

  • Anoonymous

    I commented on Discount Orlando Theme Park Tickets

  • Laurie Nykaza

    my comment /best-natural-food-for-cats/#more-27322

  • Diana C

    They both look heavenly! I hope I win…fingers crossed. 🙂

  • PrettyLittleLiar412

    I love the pink one!

  • paleface

    I like both purses and I commented on non giveaway about ant man by paul rudd.

  • Lisa Vanhook

    Love this contest!! I would take either bag.

  • jlenhart

    On the giveaway itself it says US and Canada, then under the giveaway form, it says US ONLY – can you please clarify if Canadians can enter please?

  • Beatrice Pierre

    Gorgeous bags

  • Kelly Maxwell

    We will definitely be heading to the theater to see into the woods.

  • dholcomb1

    hope we get a chance to see the movie–great review!

  • gmoney222

    beautiful purse…… love these movies

  • Deborah Ribak

    Love Coach bags… but I’ll never have one unless I win it!!

  • M.Clark

    Oh yes I am definitely planning on seeing Into the Woods. Thank you for sharing that great review.

  • maximary

    Would love to have a Coach bag, all mine came from a discount shop.

  • Patricia Shreve


  • Amie George

    I love bags…..As a woman you really cant haven enough…. I at the moment have one bag so adding one would be AMAZING

  • Edmond Leung

    Wow, prize Coach handbag is fab. &
    splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you
    for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Pick me, pick me! Perfect for my aunt big BD gift which I can’t afford. 🙁

  • Angela Warren

    I went to see the movie today. I enjoyed it

  • Trish

    Lovely Coach handbag! Thank you for the chance 😉

  • themommazie

    Am undecided about seeing the movie. Want to wait and check out more reviews before I decide.

  • maximary

    Thanks for the chance. Want to read some reviews before deciding – then wait till it’s offered on the Tuesday special senior price viewings.

  • Crystal Rush

    Just Lovely! My Choice would be the Beautiful Black Coach Bag!

  • Cindy Dupin

    I would love the black one, I have never owned a coach or even a black bag !!

  • we are looking forward to the film. Unfortunately we have to wait until the DVD is released. All of the wonderful actors and the story looks like so much fun. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. Hugs!

  • franniemay

    I would like to win the coach purse that would be great ending to a fabulous holiday season

  • mohammad anjum


  • Nice giveway!!!! 🙂 Would deserve to win!

  • Catherine Robichaud

    Nice prize although it’s unfortunate that us Canadians can’t enter the $100 Amazon gift card contest and therefore we miss out on the extra 10 entries daily!!

  • Diana C

    Not sure if we will go out to see it. We mostly tend to do movie might at home on our big tv. We will rent it. 🙂

  • loribscott

    We might!!

  • grammy65

    no will wait til it comes out on dvd, then will rent at the last rental place we have in the city I live in.popcorn and snuggling is much more fun.cant wait to see

  • Wendy Mastin

    I will be going and taking my niece.

  • tammy S

    I saw the Hobbit movie battle of the five armies great movie Friday

  • Soni Kuri

    I havent seen it yet. A friend of mine saw it and said it had a Bollywood feel to it, lol !

  • Karen Beckett

    I have not seen it yet. Am going to the movies tomorrow & may decide to see it.

  • Heather M

    I will be seeing it. Trying not to read too many spoilers

  • Kim Galbraith

    I absolutely love that Coach bag! I have always said that if I were to splurge on a leather bag, it would be a Coach. They are classic! Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  • Judy Maharrey

    I have not seem the movie yet but am very eager to see it. Just from the com.ercials it looks good and after seeing the review I I definatly want to see it.

  • Alexis

    Yes, it”s on my “to see” list

  • Sharon A

    Coach is my very favorite brand of purse – I would soooo Love to win this! 🙂

  • Denise Parker

    I would love to win this. I have never owned a Coach before!

  • Karen Drake

    I will wait to see it when it comes out on DVD.

  • Sue Hull

    I’m going to buy the DVD when it comes out. I haven’t seen it yet. Thank you for the chance & awesome giveaway 🙂

  • Nicole King

    I love COACH

  • Cheryl Almas

    I likely won’t go and see the movie. It doesn’t look very interesting. Thanks for the Coach giveaway.

  • I will probably go to see the movie because it looks interesting and Meryl Streep is an awesome actress.I Love this Coach giveaway and would Love to Win!!! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Jenny Fraser Sa’n

    still want to see this movie 🙂

  • Linda Stover Clineman

    Can’t wait to see Into The Woods!

  • Beth Whitman


  • LeeAnna Haugen

    I just went and saw the movie. I was unaware that it was a musical. I am not much for musicals, but I thought the movie was great all the same.

  • Neeci Ray

    I could never afford a Coach. I would have to win one to own one. {fingers crossed}

  • Brenda Disimone

    going to see

  • Sharon A

    Does anyone know who won the Coach Bag? I cant find a winner’s name listed anywhere…

  • PrettyLittleLiar412

    I was brought here by the weekend flash giveaway and didn’t know it was over and claimed the entry that said to enter this….

  • Jan

    I claimed this entry on the weekend giveaway also since it’s not our fault that the giveaway already ended.

  • peg5

    very strange link…

  • Stephanie Vollowitz

    2 Nights at beach hotel in SoCal.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • heather s

    Good health and happiness

  • Amanda Alvarado

    Ok weird that this just started but there are comments from February! Any-who I’d love to see some Inside Out Toys – dd has been asking for them since she saw the movie on Friday with grandpa!

  • Amanda Alvarado

    Commented on FB! 🙂

  • Amanda Alvarado

    Follow on instagram: dolphin4176

  • Brittney House

    I would love to see a giveaway for pots and pans.

  • Aaron

    What do I want you to give away next? Maybe a pretty dress, size 6!

  • Aaron

    I follow you on Instagram – a_m_a_r_t_i_n

  • Manuel Vizcaya

    A tablet or smartphone would be nice to have

  • Manuel Vizcaya
  • Cynthia C

    My favorite prizes for giveaways are gift cards. I would like to see Amazon or a VISA or AMEX card.

  • Cynthia C
  • My one wish would be that they find a cure for breast cancer.

  • Tari Lawson

    I would love for you to give away a digital camera.

  • A tablet, books are good, gift certificates are always nice.

  • nickie

    I’d like to see you giveaway a Xbox one

  • nickie
  • nickie

    Instagram follower

  • I would like you to giveaway some shoes

  • Audrey Skinner

    I think you should give away another bag, maybe Michael Kors.

  • judi9th

    lousy entry choice. gotta be one of the herd to enter here!

    • I’m not sure I understand why this is a lousy entry choice? You have 3 optional entries. One of the herd? What herd is that?

  • Elaine R

    Love trying new scents so perfumes would be lovely to win!

  • Natalie

    I think that you should give away a camera lens.

  • Natalie
  • Natalie

    I follow on instagram as yarbr012

  • Brianna Beers

    Id like to try some Organic body product giveaways!

  • Brianna Beers

    I like your FB page as Bree Reign Dynasty

  • Brianna Beers
  • Kelsey

    Kick cancer for good

  • My wish is to travel around the world!!!!

  • Christine Burd

    How about giving away a smart phone (only because I need one)

  • Melissa S

    I would love to see a giveaway for a new comforter or quilt set.

  • Melissa S

    I commented on Facebook on the June 19th posting about Inside Out as Melissa Storms.

  • Melissa S

    I follow on Instagram as upstatemissy

  • Vee

    I always love Sephora gift cards.

  • I would like you to give away some cash.

  • Lisa

    I’d love to see an ipod touch giveaway!

  • Lisa

    I commented on facebook under the name Lisa Llt.

  • Lisa

    I follow on instagram under the name @cctdmt

  • Deborah W.

    I would love to win an Amazon gift card or a nice set of soft, king-size sheets.

  • Jen S.

    Something like a Visa Gift Card or more purses would always be fun to win. I’m getting into essential oils so that would make a cool prize too.

  • Jen S.

    I commented on the Flash Giveaway post on Facebook.

  • Pamela Gurganus

    I follow Giveaway Bandit on Instagram (

  • Linda Szymoniak

    I follow you on Instagram – @urdchan87

  • Be nice if you gave away some good books or makeup

  • John Heim

    How about that gent’s bag instead of the ‘hobo bag?’ Or is it about 300 bucks as well? Ay carumba!

  • Sherry Compton

    For summer, grills and cute summer shoes would be great.

  • Sherry Compton

    Commented on FB Stephanie Compton

  • Anne

    Instagram follower anne.m

  • Anne

    I always like gift cards.

  • Anne Burner

    I would love to see an iPad Mini 2 or 3.

  • I think you should give away a women’s watch. Something fancy.

  • Jana L.

    Mmmm I would love for you to give away… cute summer dresses or gift cards

  • Jana L.

    Followed on instagram Sukki24

  • Jana L.
  • heather e.g. kaufman

    I would love a camera or a kid’s bounce house.

  • heather e.g. kaufman

    I commented on FB.

  • heather e.g. kaufman

    Instagram follower (ncprincess96).

  • Magdalena

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    I commented, mrangelberrum

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    Next giveaway, gift cards.

  • Kyla P
  • 1 entry – I would love a chance to win a Michael Kors bag or really anything Michael Kors. I love his stuff.

  • 1 entry – I followed you on Instagram.

  • DeAnna Keller

    I wish my family to always be happy, healthy, and wealthy

  • DeAnna Keller

    I follow on instagram!

  • DeAnna Keller

    My favorite accessory is sunglasses!

  • Fee Roberts

    I’m not sure I’m entering the right giveaway, given people’s responses. I hope I’m answering correctly when I say that I would like to see a crock pot or some other kitchen appliance as the next giveaway. I hope my answer counts as an entry. Thank you.

  • Lindsey L

    A roomba would be great!

  • Lindsey L

    Commented on Facebook (Lyndsey Gregg)

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  • Gabrielle

    I think the next giveaway should be for an Amazon gift card.

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    I follow you on Instagram as velvetwhip

  • Marthalynn

    I’d love to see giveaways for anything related to health and wellness! I think we could all us a little more of those! marthalynn16 at gmail dot com

  • Gabrielle

    I commented on FB as Janet Leider

  • sandra

    another coach handbag would be nice

  • Jennifer Boehme

    Instagram follower- smilesneeded


    MY 11 year old could use a Kindle Fire HDX or any ereader for 6th grade. Thanks for all u do!!


    I commented on facebook–


    I am already a follower on Instagram under tls271–

  • Elizabeth

    Gift card giveaways are always good…

  • Ty

    Target and Walmart gift cards are always a good prize.

  • Ty

    I like Giveaway Bandit on Facebook. Ty Williams

  • Ty

    I follow Giveaway Bandit on Instagram. poisonsix9

  • Facebook comment (Dana Stargazer Truitt)

  • Instagram follower – danastargazertruitt

  • I recently lost 40lbs by making better eating choices…gave up soda..wahhh!! I also started walking 2 miles every morning and doing 30mins of cardio..this wasn’t easy but it was well worth it. I have such amazing energy and feel so much better, you know healthier! I’m keeping this new way of life for good, I hope to loose 10 more pounds, but most of all to add some years to my life, to stay healthy!! The only bad side effect to weight loss is that none of my clothes fit me anymore!! I have to start over where my wardrobe is concerned, ahhh well shopping is a favorite pass time of mine. Just wish it was as thrilling for my! I think you should have a gift card prize for your next giveaway! A gift card to Amazon, or Albion fit. Both have amazing active wear …but at Amazon they have everything for everyone! That’s a prize that would please everyone!!

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    I would love to see some patio furniture given away

  • CL Chin

    i wouldn’t mind an amazon gift card or any visa/amex/mastercard gift cards!

    • CL Chin

      duh, i said amazon gift card but any retail gift card is great like walmart, gap, etc!

  • Angelica

    I want to see you give away an awesome kitchen appliance. Like a kitchenaid mixer or food processor, or for less than new car prices a nice immersion blender. 🙂

  • Angelica

    I follow you on instagram. @fizzygig

  • I want you to give away pikmin 3 for the Wii U video game system.

  • bernardina sims

    Always love the amazon gift cards!

  • Kiera M.

    maybe a college scholarship or something?

  • Cathy Philipps

    Amazon or Visa gift cards are always great!

  • Darla Peduzzi

    This is a great giveaway! I love makeup and hair products too. It’s nice to win items you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself.

  • Darla Peduzzi

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  • Darla Peduzzi

    Left a comment on FB post: Darla Peduzzi

  • Lesley M

    I wish you would give away more giftcards!

  • Layne Austin

    Instagram @whatlaynesays

  • Leela

    The Step2 Coaster.

  • Kate F.

    I’d like you to give away a Disney gift card.

  • Tara L

    You should giveaway a laptop.

  • Tara L

    I follow you on instagram @deallieb.

  • Rana Durham

    i would like for you to give away a flat screen tv not very expensive one but one around 500 or less

  • Rana Durham

    i commented on giveaway bandit facebook page here is the link :

    my name is rana durham on facebook

  • Rana Durham

    followed you on instagram: @ranajdurham

  • I’d love to try for a Sephora card! Purses are overrated. 😀

  • laure damrose

    A simon mall giftcard!

  • I would like the next giveaway to be $100 PayPal cash. I could buy a new swimsuit.

  • Debbie Ellis

    I really would like to win a auto jelly maker. That would be nice but I also love the coach bags. Great Thanks

  • Debra Guillen

    Instagram follower

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    I’d love a giveaway for a gift card!

  • Theresa C.

    Following you on Instagram – luminousangel

  • Theresa C.

    Commented on your FB page 😉

  • Debbie Welchert

    I would love for you to giveaway some nice earrings.

  • Theresa A

    Cash is always a good giveaway, especially with back-to-school coming up again. Paypal $ is good, too.

  • Nikki

    a game console

  • Nikki

    Commented on Facebook

  • Nikki

    following on instagram

  • Elizabeth

    A nice 10″ Ceramic non-stick fry-pan like this: T-fal C92105 Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan, 10-Inch, Black would make for a great giveaway 🙂

  • lisa

    I always enter but never win contests for candles with jewelry and handbags.

  • Debbie Welchert

    I commented on Facebook/Debbie Welchert

  • Debbie Welchert

    I follow you on Instagram/captainsmama

  • Lisa Johnston

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    I would like PayPal as a prize next

  • molli vandehey

    a tablet would be a cool giveaway

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    i follow on instagram “sirenwithsoul”

  • molli vandehey

    i said hey over on your fb page! molli vandehey

  • Amber Terry

    PayPal cash or gift cards are always awesome giveaway prizes 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • QZ

    I wouldn’t mind a Paypal cash, gift card or iPod giveaway!

  • elizabeth p

    An Intex metal frame pool.

  • elizabeth p

    I follow you on Instagram

  • gift cards are wonderful.i will never win one but there wonderful non the

  • Sabrina Joy

    I would love another giveaway for a bag! Maybe a Kate Spade Bag next?

  • Sabrina Joy

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  • M.Clark

    I think you should give away a visa gift card next.

  • Sarah Oswald

    I would love to see you giveaway cat stuff like maybe a cat tree or something like that

  • Sarah Oswald

    I follow you on Instagram

  • Mary Ovalle

    I follow on Instagram.

  • Jeanna Massman

    It’s hard to beat a Coach Handbag! How about a Coach bag with a Coach wallet inside!

  • Ms Gretchen Ann Luper

    i like the money giveaways amazon or paypal, etc.

  • N Bear

    I would want a giveaway for a Samsung smartphone.

  • Jessica Snow

    I would love maybe a Target or Sephora/Ulta gift card giveaway.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  • Jessica Snow

    I commented to this post: as Jessica Schank Snow
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  • Jessica Snow

    I commented to this post: as Jessica Schank Snow
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

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    Thanks again for the giveaway! =)

  • How about giving away PayPal or an Amazon gc?

  • I’m following you at instagram as dm.carlson.

  • Trey Smith

    Tech for nxt giveaway

  • tiffany

    Money would be nice

  • Lisa V.

    For the next give aways – I’m always interested in gift cards. Also, being that we are in the midst of summer, perhaps a beach tote with beach goodies inside (beach towel, sun glasses, etc.).

  • lovely joy merced

    paypal cash so I can add it for my savings 🙂

    followed on ig via @joyluck_614
    FB: Joy Merced

  • Lesley F

    Follow on instagram

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    I would love Paypal cash

  • Amie Heckman

    commented on facebook too

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    I love gift cards, paypal, amazon

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  • Emily N.

    I’d like a paypal giveaway or some organic skincare products.

  • Jerrica Evans

    It would be great to have a chance to win a diamond candle, treasure candle, Amazon gift card or another coach handbag.

  • Jerrica Evans

    I commented on facebook.

  • rachel cartucci

    I love amazon cards,more coach bags,apple watch would be awesome.

  • rachel cartucci

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  • rachel cartucci

    commented on fb page on the cute little monkey taking a bath in the sink video. <3

  • joanne major

    amazon cards or mk purse

  • Mary Cloud

    A nice sized Paypal giveaway

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  • chris z

    i would like a tablet giveaway

  • Jeanine

    A paypal giveaway

  • Holly S.

    I’ve always been a fan of Amazon GCs or Paypal giveaways, that way you can choose whatever! Thanks!

  • Holly S.

    I follow on Instagram as hstorm799.

  • Holly Thomas

    I would love a Diamond Candle.

  • Holly Thomas
  • Sue E

    I would love to win a romantic vacation to somewhere exotic. It seems like we just never seem to have the money to do this! I do not have Instagram, but I do have FB & commented.

  • Robyn Bellefleur

    Kids outdoor toys!

  • Aarti M

    An iPad would be great giveaway!

  • Aarti M

    Following on Instagram: aartimissra

  • jeani b

    i would love to win a kitchenaid stand mixer. you should give one of those away next 🙂

  • Paol Trenny

    I would love to see Temptu Airbrush Makeup system or Paula’s Choice Gift card.

  • I would like for you to give away a $100-$150 Spa Finder gift card. I could use a massage right now.

  • Maxie Anderson

    I would like for you to giveaway a gift card to Christian Book Distributors. (CBD) Thanks. Would be great.
    Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

  • Tracy Melhinch

    A nice Visa or gas gift card!

  • Addie Weaver

    that’s a really cute bag!

  • Addie Weaver

    you guys should give away cash

  • Judy Schechter

    I would like for you to give away a Visa gift card!

  • I Marc Jacobs!

  • Bo Simms

    For your next giveaway, I would suggest a Visa or Mastercard Gift Card

  • Ryan Origon

    I would love for you to give away some step2 or little tikes outside toys!

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    A Michael Kors bag!

  • Amanda Sakovitz
  • Ryan Origon

    Commented on a FB post

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    instagram follower pokergrl8

  • Ryan Origon

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  • Julie Murphy

    An Amazon gift card.

  • BlessedTA


  • Krystal Waters

    I like Amazon gift cards.

  • Krystal Waters
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  • I’d love for you to give away a Macbook Pro.

  • Instagram dddiva62

  • I would like to see you give away a choice of gift card between PayPal. Amazon or Walmart.

  • Birdiebee

    I would love to see an airline ticket giveaway or visa gift card giveaway so the lucky winner will be able to take a vacation. I sure need one after helping everyone else the past 18 months and I just can’t seem to get away.

  • Birdiebee
  • Birdiebee

    I follow on Instagram as birdiebee52.

  • lisa

    I’m always happy to see handbags and candles with jewelry.

  • Trisha McKee

    I would love a bundle of books giveaway!

  • Liberty

    I wish for my children and grandchildren to have happy and healthy life experiences.

  • Betty C

    I’d like either a Visa gift card or as the next giveaway.

  • Rhonda R

    I guess the next giveaway could ba really nice gift card! Thank you for keeping this giveaway simple! I have stopped going to some hosts because the entry is just ridiculously long!

    • You are welcome! I’m tried of the long giveaway forms too! Going back to the old school comments 🙂 If I do use a giveaway form it would only be because I am working with other bloggers on the giveaway.

  • Ashley C

    I love any kind of gift card or beauty products especially amazon, target, walmart, visa gift cards.

  • Laurie Nykaza

    I love Gift cards to use they are one of my favorite giveaways to win.

  • Laurie Nykaza
  • Laurie Nykaza
  • Diana C

    Keep the awesome bags coming! I love it, thanks. 🙂

    Diana C

  • Diana C

    I commented on FB.

    DL Camden

  • Diana C

    I follow on Insta.

    Diana C aka unachica_latina

  • Danielle Marie

    i would love to see you give away a fit bit or a phone.

  • Jeff Legg

    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 12″ Touchscreen Tablet… would be awesome

  • Jeff Legg

    commented on yhe “Anyone ever play this crazy game?!?” post

  • Jeff Legg

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    Instgram as graywolfpack5

  • Susan Chester

    I would love to win something for the home-throw pillows, curtains, something to perk up my home.

  • Susan Chester

    I follow you on instagram as smchester.

  • Kimberly Flickinger

    My wish is to stop the hate, racism!

  • Kimberly Flickinger

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    Follow you on Facebook (and commented) Anne Flickinger (Kimberly Anne Flickinger)

  • Denise S

    I want you to give away amazon gift cards.

  • Angela Warren

    I would like to see you giveaway gift cards

  • Krista M

    Amazon gift cards or Paypal cash is always very useful!

  • Krista M
  • Stephanie Galbraith

    I think you should giveaway a microwave! 🙂

  • Erica B.

    Besides gift cards and money (too obvious!), I’d love a steam mop or steam cleaner type thing.

  • Stephanie T.

    I would love more purses! My husband won’t let me buy anymore, so the only way I can get more is through winning. 🙂

  • lissa crane

    I’d love for you to giveaway an ipad next! They seem awesome to have!

  • lissa crane
  • lissa crane

    I happily follow on Instagram as justjerseystyle

  • Rita A

    An Apple Watch would be a must enter!

  • Rita A

    commented on facebook

  • Rita A

    following on instagram one2try

  • Elisa H

    Hi, I believe a giveaway of various Victoria Secret perfumes would be a good giveaway.

  • Karen Drake

    I would like you to give away an Amazon or Wal-Mart gift card.

  • Matzsmith

    I’d like you to give away a 8″ Shun Chef’S knife

  • Matzsmith

    I Like you on FB Cynthia Matz-Smith

  • Matzsmith

    I followed on Instagram Matzsmith

  • Janine H

    I like gift card giveaways!

  • joe gersch

    i would love to see you giveaway a heated toilet seat

  • Either a camera or an outfit.

  • Keeley Sullivan

    I would like you to give away either a Walmart gift card OR anything by apple.

  • Cheryl

    Followed on instragram!! 🙂

  • Cheryl
  • Cheryl

    I would love to win pretty much anything that treats moms. Spa giftcard would be nice 🙂

  • adrienne Bireley

    Just keep the Coach bags coming

  • shellie clark

    iphone 6

  • Susan Smith

    I would love to see a giveaway for Target Walmart or Visa Gift Cards

  • Paul K

    Apple watch

  • Rebecca Peters

    I would love you to give away a fitbit

  • Rebecca Peters

    I follow on instagram

  • Tammie Venne

    gift cards are always great

  • Tammie Venne

    I follow on instagram as sweepingmommy

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    I commented on Facebook

  • kaye knight

    Cash is always nice to win….so have a contest with cash prizes

  • Sunchicka

    MacBook pro

  • Breanne

    iPad Mini

  • autumn b

    a kate spade purse!

  • addrienne mertens

    yes an iPhone 6 if you can find one to give out would be nice. im hating the windows phone i have..don’t ever get one!

  • addrienne mertens
  • addrienne mertens

    i also follow on Instagram

  • jules m.

    an old navy gift card so i can get my daughter’s back to school clothes

  • jules m.
  • jules m.

    i follow you on instagram (buttmuffin)

  • richelle bowers

    followed on instagram @richellebowers

  • Francine Anchondo

    I would like either cash or giftcards 🙂

  • cookware

  • tiffany lane

    I would love for you to giveaway a sleepwear set

  • AEKZ2

    A giveaway for one of those curved tvs would be awesome.

  • Richard Hicks

    I think a microwave would be really neat

  • Richard Hicks
  • Richard Hicks

    follow instagram


  • Terry Cross

    I would like to see gift card gveaways

  • Sand

    An iPad mini would be fun to win!

  • Julie M

    I would like a gift card giveaway with multiple gift cards.

  • Jessica Cyr

    probably an ipad

    Like my page please 🙂 !!

  • Brian E.

    Thank You for the giveaway… choice of PayPal or Amazon gift cards would be great !

  • I would like you to give away PayPal Cash next.

  • Marian Boll

    Amazon gift card would be my choice of a prize

  • Kristin K

    I would love to have a chance at winning an iPad Air, or Samsung Galaxy 10″ tablet!!! Thanks for the current giveaways!!!

  • Thomas Murphy

    You should give away an ipad.

  • Thomas Murphy

    I follow you on Instagram as rounder9834

  • Christina Strapp

    Would love to see a giveaway for a bounce house or water slide.

  • Christina Strapp

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  • Michael Lambert

    It would be awesome to see a PS4 giveaway.

  • Michael Lambert

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  • Margaret Smith

    A iPad mini would be nice.

  • Tina Wahrmund

    Great purse. Would love to win it.

  • Richard Hicks
  • patricia skinner
  • Jannet Kwan

    California need water very badly!

  • Carolyn Daley

    I commented on the Raspberry Strawberry Fruit Infused Mimosa recipe.

  • neasnuttiness

    For most of the summer, I will be at home, enjoying a quiet empty house – BUT – in late July, I’ll head to Upstate NY to spend about 6 weeks. During that time, I’ll probably go to Niagara Falls a couple of times. Just weekend trips to spend a couple of days in Canada.

  • Katherine Riley

    We will be staying home most of the summer.

  • bianca roman

    my summer plans are to go to the beach more (seeing as how i only live 9 blocks away), perfect my tan!!, float on my donut float in the pool and make amazing memories with my friends and family!

  • diesel51p

    We are planning to do some hiking and nature walks in the local parks.

  • Oh wow! Love that bag! Pink is my fav color too!

  • Tari Lawson

    We are taking a family road trip this summer.

  • Brittney House

    We will be leaving for Disneyworld tomorrow, and Costa Rica in August.

  • Annabellainla

    We have three fun vacations we’re going on – just got back from one

  • Katherine Riley

    We are getting ready for a very large garage sale in the next few weeks.

  • clynsg

    Heading for Scout Camp this next week.

  • Katherine Riley

    Possibly a trip to Nashville.

  • Katherine Riley

    We will be going to see Kenny Rogers and the Oak Ridge Boys in concert together!!

  • Katherine Riley

    The all consuming garage sale….lol

  • Tracey Delmonte

    i fond this site dr social and have actually won things

  • Katherine Riley

    Trying to stay as cool as possible!

  • diesel51p

    Going to theme parks with the family and the beach.

  • Carolyn Barnett

    going to garage sales and fishing and grillin

  • Paul Keyser

    I plan to take a cruise near the end of the Summer

  • Diana C

    I want to take a vacation this summer. Haven’t had one in a while.

  • April Gupton

    I love the Arielle booties

  • margaretsmith

    I love the Tuvee boots. What a super collection of boots

  • Amanda Alvarado

    I like the Carli boots!

  • Stephanie Phelps

    I really love the FALLON boots but there are so many I would love to have!

  • tammy S

    I have to say this boot the FALLON great style to it indeed thanks

  • bookloon

    I like the Alvina boots they’re really cute and versatile.

  • Allyson Tice

    im loving the LORIENNE boots!!

  • reneeg

    I like the Tuvee Boots.

  • Katie d U

    Frankly my dear..I LOVE them all.

  • cynthiac

    I like the Meggy boots.

  • Jeanna johnson

    I really like the HADLEE boots!

  • debbiewelchert

    My favorite boots are The Rihannon in brown.

  • Darla Peduzzi

    My favorite boots are the Carli.

  • Jeanie Potter


  • Lulu

    I love LORIENNE boots!

  • Nigsdylan

    Alvina are my favourite

  • Kristi Kellberg

    My favorite boot is the ISA because it has classic styling to wear everyday, but can be worn with jeans to a rodeo.

  • Julie Lundstrom

    I like them all but the FAELYN ones looked really nice.

  • Melissa Storms

    I really like the NISHA boot in black.

  • mphatso

    Love them all but the LORIENNEs tickle my heart

  • Paol Trenny

    I like the Imani shoes.

  • nickie burke

    I like the Imani shoes

  • angela

    I love the addison boots

  • angelhart

    I love the Binnae

  • I like the EMBER boots.

  • rajee

    I love Carli.

  • Jonny


  • Abderrahmane

    Good luck everyone!

  • Adarsh verma


  • arra carrasco-odeza

    I love Carli

  • Kim ONeill

    i like the tuvee

  • Busari Opeyemi Ahmad

    I Love Genesis

  • Anna

    I like Alvina.

  • Char

    The Alvina is always a good choice. Thank you so much for this!

  • Gena Eve Viggiani


  • Michelle


  • Victor

    SACHI, definetely my wife’s style, thank you JusFab, great chance

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    I like the FALLON booties. I prefer low heels, and these could be either dressed up a bit or worn with jeans.

  • Coleman Jackson

    the Carli is beautiful!!!!

  • Alex


  • dj_1973

    Zuri are gorgeous!

  • Jeanne Coulombe

    Ember oh I love them

  • Dhruv Gupta

    I love BEKKA!!!

  • mohammad anjum


  • Barrie

    I like the Feven boots. Low to the ground and rocking with jeans!

  • Shahzeb khan

    i wish to win

  • Pat

    Would really like to win!

  • Theresa Michalik

    I love them all and would love to win.

  • Beth Hern

    I love the Carli boots.

  • Donna Snugglebuns Dufresne

    I love the makenna thank you for the chance

  • sophie lapierre

    I like the ”Feven” boots but there is so much more !! Thank you for this lovely contest !

  • Rosanne Robinson

    Love the FALLON boots, they’re very stylish & look so comfortable.

  • tiffany dayton

    I like the Corinthia or Faelyn.They are all cute.

  • Natalie

    I LOVE the Carli ankle boots!

  • gina blades

    I like the Carli booties.


    Carli booties

  • Rita Leonard

    Love all these boots but the Hattie are my favorite. Great look with jeas

  • Cairine

    I liked the Carli boots.

  • TiffaNy

    I like the Carlie ankle boots. Their cute to wear.

  • Wendy Hutton

    I like the Alvina boots

  • Julie Waldron

    I like the FAELYN boots.

  • theponyhalf~

    My fave boots are the Morlan in grey…absolutely gorgeous!

  • Angie S

    The Carli boots are everything!

  • mary czerczyk

    I would like the Makenna boots in black.

  • Dawn gordon

    I like the Alvira boots because I don’t do heels well!

  • LC

    I like the Alvira boots.

  • Jennifer Heintz

    I really think the Alejandrina boots are super sweet! Great looking!

  • Nancy

    The ALvina boots are awesome.

  • Ashleigh Swope

    I love the Waynoka boots in black

  • kim niland

    I like the McKenna boots

  • Noelle Carroll

    I love the McKenna Boots also! So cute!

  • Nathan Lapointe

    The Alvina boots

  • Judy Thomas

    I love the Estivas

  • Elsie Siuta

    I agree, the Estivas are cute and comfortable looking.

  • Christina G.

    Today my favorite boots are the Amariss. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Cahley Tod-Tims

    I like the Trixie over the knee boots

  • Wanda Bee

    I love the Alvina boots.

  • diannearsenaul

    I love the Ember boots

  • AJ

    Alvina, but I also like Tuvee.

  • Joanne Saunders

    I would like The Alvina boots.

  • Monica Stewart

    I love the RAYLEENE bootie!

  • Janice Murphy

    I like Alvina

  • Wendy Forbes

    I really like the “Ember” boots.

  • Darlene Carbajal

    I like the Malina boots.

  • LMJF

    FAELYN !

  • Margaret H

    I like the Ember boots

  • Betty Baez

    I like the WAYNOKA boots!

  • Stephanie jones

    LOVE the Ember boots!

  • Celeste Herrin

    WEYLYN is my favorite!

  • ktino

    I like the McKenna boots.

  • Rajeeva Jayaratne


  • Sam Dorne

    Almira Boots

  • Donnas

    I like the Malina boots. That website is horrendous, I had to fill in all types of info (they called it a quiz) before I could even browse through their styles. Sometime we just want to look, see what’s available before we join.

  • Lyndadawinda

    Love the Alvina shoes!

  • Christine Murray

    I love the tuvee boots.

  • Karen A.

    I like the FAELYN boots.

  • L Pinkcar

    the McKenna boots!

  • Annmarie Weeks

    I love the Fallon boots!

  • Toya Jones

    I like the Khadijah boot!

  • daydreamsun3

    i like the mckenna boots!

  • Diane To

    McKenna boots!

  • I like the McKenna boots.

  • Melanie Phelps

    The kailani boots

  • Grace s.

    I like the Tuvee boot. It looks pretty and comfy with not too high a heel.

  • wandajane1

    I like the CARLI boots.

  • Erlene Mccurdy

    tuvee boots !

  • Bev Henry

    I like the esteva ones

  • I like the Grand Forks boots.

  • I like the Molina boots

  • Deborah Caudill

    I like the gray Faelyn boots because they have a very low heel and since I broke my right tibia/fibula in 7 places when I fell at home and had to have an open reduction with lots of metal plates and pins placed in my leg.. I had ugly scars fof over a year Six weeks later I fell again and shattered my right hip and had to have a hip replacement. I love high heels, but will probably always have to wear flats. Good thing Fab found some phenomenal boots and shoes with flat soles and heels that make even my once fabulous legs look pretty darn fantastic again! Excellent job Fab and thanks for having so many choices for all of us no matter what we have had to endure! Thanks!!!!!

  • julie ferguson gould

    I like the bootie type shoes They look the most comfortable 🙂

  • Judy Folk

    I like the McKenna boots.

  • Janice Christensen-Dean

    I love the Faelyn boots.

  • Susan Kramer

    I like the chunky buckle boot on the opening page

  • zenamichele

    I just love the linanyi boot!! It is gorgeouds

  • Shawna

    I love the JAMEELA boots!

  • Rogue_Femme

    I love the Quincee Flat Boots in Taupe. Thanks.

  • shannon fowler

    I really love BINNAE in burgundy. I haven’t seen anything like it!

  • Tiffanynichole89

    I really like the Binnae boot in black.

  • Janet OBrien

    NAFISE in Black

  • Trish Hope

    I like the Addison boots.

  • deborah

    Like the mckenna

  • Ontherocks


  • Christine Holliday

    My faves are Hattie

  • Tina12312

    My favorite is Carli – thank you!

  • decsn

    Hattie is a must have

  • Lilobe62

    burgandy BINNAE

  • Cindy

    I like the bootie style boots.

  • Debbie Boyd

    I love the Zarabella boots!

  • natasha

    I love the Addison boots!

  • belinda bell

    The Addison boots are my favorite

  • Sharon

    The sandels caughi my eye

  • Ronald Gagnon

    Definitely the “Imani” they remind me so much of what the old Roman Upper Class wore

  • katie bellamy

    I love the XYLEENA pair!

  • Maureen

    I like the Carli

  • Lisa Ogle

    I love boots more then any other shoe, if I had more money I would have a hundred pairs! Lets start with RUTHI.

  • Tava

    I love the IMANI (no one said they had to be warm boots!)

  • Gabrielly Margutti

    I like the Ember boots.

  • vickilorenz

    The Addison’s boots are awesome!

  • Brittany B.

    I love the Ember boots! <3

  • ginette4

    My favourite pair of boots are their alvina boots

  • Sam Bee

    The Addison boots are my favorite!!!! 🙂

  • steph y

    I like the Ember boots.

  • Robin Abrams

    I really love the FREEHA boots

  • Sally Gearhart

    I just love the ELAKSHI boot, they are super cute! You could dress them up or wear casual with them.

  • My favorite boots are the Addison’s.

  • Kristen Schwarz

    I love the Harabin boots. Adorable!

  • Nancy Burgess

    FAELYN is my favorite boots.

  • Marilyn Nawara

    I love the FREEHA boots

  • Marlene V.

    I really like the RAYLEENE booties

  • Carolyn Cheek- Massey

    I like Karly. All the boots are nice.

  • PK Solberg

    The Ember boots are my favorite

  • inkchick

    The Faelyn boots are darling.

  • FlaVickie

    Addison Moto or malina

  • DeAnna Branigan Keller

    I love the Nafise and Rihannon boots!

  • Deb Philippon

    My favorite are the Faelyn boots.

  • I like the GRAND FORKS boots…too cute! 🙂

  • Ruby Yoshi

    I like the Elodee boots

  • Rose

    I love the Maeve boots in Grey

  • Kat

    I love the fallon boots in black!

  • Kimbre Music

    I LOVE the JF Wheaton boots!!! ADORABLE!!!

  • Dani H

    My favorite pair of boots is ELODEE.

  • Gina H.

    I like the Faelyn boots

  • Sue E.

    I like the tall dark colored Rhiannon boots.

  • Christina Sanders

    I LOVE the CORINTHIA ones!!

  • Sam K

    looks cool!

  • BaileyDexter

    The Faelyn boots are to cute! There are so many great styles to choose from!

  • naomip

    I love the Niara boots. Posted @sunchicka

  • Birdiebee

    I like the ZOBIA boots.

  • Jody Doncaster

    I liked the Alvina ankle boot style!

  • Beth M.

    I love the Carli

  • Tamra M Gibson

    I love the Ayshsa boots. I have small feet and boots like that look so cute. Tooting my own horn lol

  • Stephanie La Plante

    I love the Alvina boots.

  • christine burd

    I like the Alvina boot. It would be great to wear with my jeans and it doesn’t have a tall heel .

  • Karina

    I really like Corinthia!

  • mail4rosey

    I like the Prussia boots best. Those are just my style!

  • kathy downey

    I like the Alvina boot.

  • elrtsi

    I like the Scoutt boots the most

  • elizabeth

    Loved the Alvina.

  • Rob Hestar

    My wife digs the Alvina ankle boots 🙂

  • Rockyroad1

    Wow that is so beautiful

  • Linda Meyers Gabbard

    My favorite boots are the Kassandra boots

  • Victor Galbraith

    I like the KRISHNA pair the best

  • Debbie Snell

    I love the weylin boots they’re stunning and I could so rock them I think

  • 9723989

    I like the Imani boots

  • clynsg

    Of the ones I could see, I like the Tuvee style. Did not care for the fact that could not get rid of their ‘survey’ which I had no interest in completing.

  • Susan Smith

    I love the Carli boot

  • Laurajj

    Oh I love hte Meggy style! Can go with so many things and be for work or going out!

  • Rachel Moir Cryer

    I like the Elodee boots

  • Chrissy Kim

    Malina is gorgeous! I love the heel and the strap detail.

  • MnLady

    I love the Carli boot

  • Debbie Price-Beck

    The ARDENA is the Boot that I chose….as I was looking for a Pair of Grey Boots and that pair “fits” the “bill”!!

  • Holly Yoho

    My favorite is the Karly!

  • patricia skinner

    I love the Maeve boots.

  • denise low

    I love the ELODEE the best. I don’t like much of a heel on my shoes.

  • Gloria Walshver

    I like the brown boots with no heels and a buckle.

  • bootswon

    I really love the Tuvee the best! Love the color! connie danielson

  • Marsha Hembrick

    I like the stormies. They look comfy.

  • Happi Shopr

    I like the Quiyl in Navy. Super cute, comfy and perfect for winter!

  • melissa baker

    Love the buckle boots, all of them! 🙂

  • patty wright


  • kelly woods

    I love the riding boots that are booties, there black.

  • siggy

    I love the malina boots,they are super cute.

  • SVAV

    Madelyn boots are adorable!

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