Be the First to Shop & Watch Kohl’s New Peter Som Collection

disclosureKohl’s Peter Som CollectionShop & Watch Kohl’s New Peter Som Collection

Kohl’s is an amazing go-to store for the latest fashion trends and every day needs for the home. I am very excited to announce they are partnering with renowned American Fashion designer Peter Som! The exclusive Peter Som for DesigNation collection is inspired by the beautiful St. Barths featuring bold patterns, bright colors in feminine skirts, dresses and separates. His looks offer a fashionable beachy feel and are perfect for spring into summer.

Join us and be one of the first to shop the exclusive Peter Som for DesigNation line on Friday April 4th at 12:00pm EST! To join us, be sure to RSVP to Kohl’s Peter Som Watch & Shop Google Hangout. Peter Som will be talking with fashion bloggers and giving us a look at pieces from his collection! I can’t wait to join, who else will I see at the Hangout?

Prom Dress Styles for Body Type

Prom Dress Styles for Body Type

Prom season is upon us and finding one that fits perfectly can be very difficult. You want to select a dress that will flatter your figure. I know it can be hard with the thousands of choices available online. Preparing for this “big” night is such a huge deal for girls and finding the perfect dress can take some of the stress off this perfect night. There is an amazing, perfect dress out there for you no matter your shape or size. You can find a wide variety of prom dresses at for any body type.

Here are some great tips to find prom dress styles for your body type.

Prom Dresses for Petite Body Types

Prom dress for petite body type

If you’re petite, you can easily show off your tiny shape. You don’t want to drown yourself in a long gown that can overwhelm your tiny frame. Find a dress that is short and feminine without a lot of fabric to bunch up and hide your figure. If you don’t want a super short dress, opt for one that is just past the knee such as tea-length.

Try this fun Sheath One-Shoulder Short/Mini Satin Sequined Prom Dress With Sash Beading. It accentuates your figure and keeps it fun!



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DIY Muppets Nail Art Tutorials from OPI

DIY Muppets Nail ArtDIY Muppets Nail Art Tutorials

While I am in LA this week for the MUPPETS MOST WANTED red carpet premiere, I will be given the opportunity to get a Muppets manicure by the OPI nail team. They have also sent us four really awesome MUPPETS MOST WANTED themed diy nail art tutorials to share with all of you! I am sure you are beyond excited if you are a huge Muppets fan! I will be receiving the complete set of limited edition Muppets nail polish while I’m in LA. Pretty neat, huh? The tutorials are below. Click on each image for a larger view or to print.

Share pictures of your nail art and tag us on instagram, pinterest, facebook or twitter! Be sure you use the hashtag #OPIMuppets! Can’t wait to see your awesome nail art!… 

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Muppets Most Wanted Limited Edition OPI Nail Polish

Muppets OPI Nail PolishMuppets Most Wanted Limited Edition OPI Nail Polish

I am sure you know by now we are headed to LA to the MUPPETS MOST WANTED red carpet premiere along with a bunch of other great events with Disney and ABC Television. We get to experience many different amazing events during our stay like OPI manicures. These aren’t just any manicure! They’ll include the MUPPETS MOST WANTED Limited Edition OPI nail polishes. Learn more about these awesome nail polishes below like Miss Piggy’s Big Number or Kermit Me to Speak.

OPI press release… 

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How to Get Out of Debt Fast

How to Get Out of Debt Fast How people get into debt

To be in debt, by definition, means that you borrow money to pay for what you could not otherwise afford and not be able to pay it back. Such a thing can happen for various reasons. Somebody may take out a payday loan, the kind where they assume that their next paychecks will be enough to pay it back, only to lose their job or be demoted. (Such loans are actually illegal in some places.) They may rely on investments that they have made to cover the debts, but the companies in which they have invested may fail. Whatever the case, you have a sum of money that needs to be paid by a certain time, and that’s not going to go away by itself. There are those who gamble so much that they get in way over their heads into debt. If you are reading this article, then you are probably in debt right now and would like more than anything else to get out of it. Read on to find out how.
The three essential steps

The process of debt elimination may be long and laborious one, but it can be broken down into three basic steps:

  1. not getting yourself any further into debt than you are already
  2. not spending more money than your salary can cover
  3. using the difference to pay off your debts

Following all three of these steps ensures that you will eventually be free of debt. Let us now look at some of the pitfalls of which you need to beware…. 

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