Beauty Box full of Hot Samples Giveaway

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I absolutely love getting my monthly sample boxes in the mail from Birchbox, Beauty Army, and Julep Maven. I love them so much I want to share one with our awesome readers! Here is your chance to win one of my Birchbox’s filled with awesome beauty samples! Enjoy!

Giveaway ends July 31, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST. Enter via the giveaway form below. Giveaway is open worldwide, 18 years of age and older. Only 2 entry options! Good luck!

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Giveaway Bandit contains endorsements for products and services, which means when you click on a link that I recommend, I may receive a commission. Not every link is an affiliate link. Giveaway Bandit is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Birchbox, Julep Maven, or Beauty Army. This is a self sponsored giveaway. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 10 CFR, 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials In Advertising. Giveaway Bandit Disclosure.

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  • lori b

    ooh looks fun
    surprise boxes are always fun :)

  • ma clara p reyes

    kitchen appliances

  • peggy fedison

    I would like to win anything, so anything you give away next would be fine with me :) thank you for the opportunity to play

  • Heather Moore

    gift cards

  • Theresa J

    I would love to win a camera.

  • jj

    cool :) full sizes!!

  • Anita Mitchell

    Paypal cash,lol.

  • April Thompson

    Either a Camera or Giftcard would be awesome :)

  • donna kiever

    movie night basket,,filled with a movie snacks,popcorn maker !!

  • Nikki Markacek

    Any giveaway is a good giveaway. Haha. <3

  • stacey dempsey

    i sure could use a vacumm , even a little dirt devil stick vacumm would be good

  • lisa peterson

    I’m still a somewhat new follower and I’ve seen you giveaway so much. I’m not sure what is left lol Thank you for this chance!

  • Michelle Narayan

    Awesome giveaWay! Would love to win a gift card or a computer gadget//video gaming system.

  • crissy brown

    baby item

  • Sherry @ Family, Love and Other Stuff

    I love gift cards, but I’ll enter just about any giveaway! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Debra Albright

    You have such a variety of itemz here that it’z hard to think of anything to recommend that you post as a new giveaway.

    perhapz you could list a laptop or pad & a tablet program & drawing utensil.

  • kerry santillo

    perfume or giftcards xxx

  • Nicole Marie

    I’ve been very into nail polish lately! That or some type of beauty product would be nice. :) Thank you!

  • Doris Calvert

    any tech gadgets where you don’t have to follow 100 FB & twitter pages!

  • Beth

    doesn’t matter to me, would just love to win!

  • Amanda Gorton

    Clothes vouchers always come in handy

  • http://twitter Dorothy Sandman

    I can always use gift cards!

  • chiara

    makeup brushes for girls!

  • Melissa Jones

    That’s great giveaway!

  • Megan Kirby

    I keep seeing these box samples and I want to sign up but I don’t have the $$ would love to win one!!!

  • monica ray

    gift cards

  • Stacey Figueroa

    I love beauty products….so these giveways are so perfect…if I could ever win one….((WINK))

  • Dianne Childs


  • susan crutcher

    a large makeup train case

  • Tammy Hoffa

    a kerig would be nice

  • Kristi

    Anything that you are willing to giveaway would be awesome!!

  • Pennie Britz

    I would love to see more beauty boxes or gift cards. Thank you!

  • Beth Johnson Titus

    Gift cards would be so nice

  • Rabia Akhter

    i love give aways hOpe i try this items:)

  • Tea

    Any giveaway is a great giveaway!

  • Damian Jarreau

    I would like to see a lawn mower giveaway

  • Georgia Beckman

    something for guys! shirts, gadgets, cologne?

  • Karen Glatt

    I would like to see OOFOS sandals giveaway!

    • wallywonks

      You are in luck! We are currently working on a reivew and giveaway for them that will be coming soon! woohoo!

  • Kendra Krebs

    A washer and dryer or cash!

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    I love Julep! Anything Julep products would be an awesome giveaway!!

  • Tina Ort

    Any type of gift card :-)

  • Susan Chester

    I love Amazon gift certificates as prizes.

  • Karren Haller

    I would love to see Kruig coffee maker giveaway!

  • Michelle

    Anything beauty related! :)

  • Shannon Byrd

    Soda Stream!

  • http://yahoo Meg Tucker

    I’d love to see some of those Oofo’s Thong Sandals up for grabs!!

  • Katie Contests

    Love gift card giveaways!

  • Francis Falucho

    any smartphone!

  • Gloria Walshver

    I’d say amazon gift certificates would be great since I love to read.

  • Rebecca L.

    cash or giftcards

  • Jenni Campbell

    I would love to see more appliances!! Like Kitchenaide Mixer, NuWave Oven, etc. Those items are always put to great daily use!

  • kamilah

    I love Amazon gc

  • Teresa Thompson

    cooking appliances.

  • Nury

    Cooking appliances, clothing, shoes.

  • Lennette Daniels

    I knit so yarn is always a good giveaway, kitchen gadgets, amazon cards.

  • Brenda Penton

    Beauty products or household items

  • Tammy S

    I would love to see a jewelry giveaway.

  • Samreen

    Urban decay palette

  • Debra Gaswint

    Beauty stuff is always a fun thing to win.

  • donna vaughn

    thank you for all youre give aways

  • Samreen

    i woul dlove to win urban decay naked 2 and eye liners

  • Melanie

    Gift cards.. kitchen gadgets .. toys

  • Dina Dionne

    A box full of beauty stuff. Who wouldn’t love that.

  • Michelle @womenwwin

    I love handbag giveaways!! =D =D =D

  • Debi

    I’d love a giveaway for a gas giftcard. I drive 45 minutes each way to work, so it would be a real blessing to win one of those.

  • Ruby

    I would love a giveaway for a citrus lane box

  • Myra R

    id love to see some makeup or anti aging products or even perfume! *something for the ladies!*

  • Danielle Davis/Grady

    Gift cards! :)
    Thank you!

  • AndreaH

    Would love to see gift cards or teen/tween themed items.

  • javeria

    gift card and
    circle lens

    thank you

  • Sania Akbar

    Urban Decay Palette ..

  • Kristie Beckham Gray

    LOVE trying beauty products I don’t always get a chance to buy in my rural area. Also love jewelry giveaways, and gift cards! Thanks for the chance!

  • Betsy Hartmann

    Something to help us keep cool or feel beautiful ;>}

  • stephanie fletcher

    I love winning money and gift cards.

  • christine porter

    i would love to win a diamond candle, a hidden treasure candle or a gift card!!! thank you

  • Jennifer Miller

    I would like to see mac make up.

  • Carol ONeil


  • Amber

    I’d love you to give away a Sephora gift card!

  • Julie Lynn Bickham

    Love giftcard giveaways, Amazon, Target, Toys R Us etc

  • jenny diano

    kitchen appliances or diamond candle,.. thank you.:)

  • Lisa

    Gift cards

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  • Amber Y

    A pair of shoes!

  • Azslyn Cole

    i would love to see a giveaway with sephora products =}

  • Ning fathia

    I love anything in surprise! Like this one, but I also appreciate anything that’s given away for free:)

  • Kate Burton

    I’d love to win an iPod for my daughter

  • Lynn

    I would love to see health products like Sibu Raw or protein shakes.. Or even better beauty tools

  • Brandy Batson

    Diamond Candles

  • Elizabeth L

    Yes! ^ Diamond Candles


    Any giveaway is a great giveaway!

  • Ashley Currin

    Chocolate or wine — something to indulge in!!

  • Amanda Alvarado

    I’d love to see more green cookware!

  • Lanie K.

    Gift cards, beauty products, or mystery boxes. :)

  • Toni Allen

    an appliance giveaway would be cool

  • reinaa pmora♪

    Any giveaway is a good giveaway!! ;) thank you =)

  • Ju P.

    Another subscription box – ex. natural/organic products, dog products, etc.

  • Blythe J.

    I would like to see maybe tote bags (love em) or maybe gift cards. Clothing would be awesome too.

  • monique bon

    Would love to see you giveaway school supplies for people going to college next (*:

    Moniquebbon at gmail dot com

  • Jennifer Haile

    Perfumes, face creams and products, and Amazon Giftcards!

  • Dani K

    I love all the subscription boxes or any giveaways related to fitness.

  • carol roberts

    a fish tank

  • erica saldivar


  • Yenny

    I’d love to see you give away a soda steam.

  • Joretta Foster

    any kind of gift baskets

  • Kathleen

    Cash or GC.



  • Ann Fantom

    I’d like to see a Target GC giveaway

  • sharmaine arellano

    kitchen appliances

  • Karen Glatt

    I really love Giveaway Bandit giveaways! I would like a gift card to Victoria’s Secret for a giveaway!

  • Charmaine Tavares


  • Danielle Williams

    I love gift cards, Walmart Amazon or Paypal OH and still wanting a Kindle Fire :)

  • Heather Carter

    I would love to see Summer Toy giveaways or eco friendly item giveaway :)

  • Nena Sinclair

    I would love to see restaurant gift cards.

  • Jeannette Laframboise

    So far all of your giveaways have been fantastic so it is hard to think of another one but gift cards are always a great option for just about anywhere. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Lilly

    Amazon gift card.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sharon

    I’d love a giveaway for a laptop

  • Terri

    Amazon gift cards are always great!

  • elven johnson

    nail polish or surprise boxes

  • Lisa Wieland

    Gift cards are always great!

  • Katie Contests

    More housewares!

  • javeria

    shoes ♥

  • http://yahoo Meg Tucker

    Hey!!! Howsabout some cold hard cash or a restaurant gift card to giveaway?

  • Phoenix

    Organic skin care or cleaning products.

  • Doris Calvert

    Wal Mart Card

  • Tina Jett

    I would love to see a sephora gift card giveaway!

  • rebeka deleon

    baby items

  • Lynn

    Gift cards to cheesecake factory:)

  • brandy

    Love to win Gift Cards Please!

  • Debbie Cahoon

    I’d love to win a gift certificate of any kind!

  • Wendi Scharrer

    Gift Cards.I like your current giveaways! :)

  • kara locke

    Kitchenaid mixer!!

  • Elaine Lund

    I would like to see a Visa Gift Card!

  • Ju P.

    Visa gift cards are always great

  • Lisa H

    Starbucks GC

  • Leanne M

    iPad or Amazon

  • Lilly

    Pay pal cash

  • stacey dempsey

    Ipods are very popular in our house, I would love one for me lol

  • Katie Contests

    Paypal $

  • Wendi Scharrer

    Shoes :)

  • Dusty Lynn

    gift card

  • Jeannette Laframboise

    A Walmart GC would come in handy soon for back to school. ;-)

  • Karen Glatt

    I like Walmart gift card giveaways!

  • wendy doyle


  • Stefanie G

    a sephora giftcard!

  • Quanda

    Gift card of the winner’s choice.

  • Angela Erdmann

    I would love to see a Kuerig as a giveaway

  • Sharon Rooney

    Shoes or boots

  • Michele Behlen

    I like Amazon gift cards.

  • Leslie Galloway

    I’d love an ipod touch… all your giveaways are great!

  • missy

    thanks for a wonderful giveaway!!!

  • Denise C

    toys for the kiddies

  • Nichelle C.

    I would like to see a nice set of all natural make up brushes.

  • Kaye Lani

    Hope I win!

  • alyce poalillo

    Paypal or Amazon GC

  • Shannon Pickin

    gift cards, household items, food, toys – would love to see more boys toys :)

  • Mare S

    I am a huge fan of gift cards!

  • connie smith

    more makeup

  • catherine c

    gift cards or more high end beuaty products

  • Trayce Mc

    An ipod, laptop or Visa gc. Thx for all the great giveaways!!!!

  • Sue Hull

    Starbucks or any GC’s are always nice to win.Books are good too.Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  • Arlene Whitfield

    Amazon or PayPal cash! :)))

  • Lisa Vigna

    Wow..ebay or amazon gift card..or Paypal..if it has to be an actual’s hot in NYC…a tower fan or an A/C! lol

  • heather holmberg

    gift cards are always fun !

  • Jamela Hartwig

    I think a gc of the winner’s choice would be great. That way, they could either get something they just wanted or something they truly needed! Thank you!

  • Jessie Hay

    Clothes, but it has to be internationally!

  • Holly

    I’d love to see a PayPal gift card or other gift card! The gift of choice :)

    Thank you!


  • Erica L.

    paypal cash is always good!

  • Jean F

    I like food basket gifts

  • Deep

    I’d like musical instruments especially top-of-the-line workstation keyboards from Roland, Korg, Yamaha…..

  • Amanda Boerst

    I’d love to see more subscription boxes, kitchen appliances (small or big), cookware, anything for babies and kids. well anything really! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  • Saira Khan

    Nail Colors!

  • Linda Kwolek

    18 feet by 18 feet above ground swimming pool for aummer, or outdoor fire pit for fall, or snowblower for winter.

  • april

    I get excited about the surprise boxes. School supplies or electronics would be great.

  • chelsey grazier

    gift cards for a spa day would be cool!

  • Stephanie H

    laptop or a net book

  • Laurenl

    Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System

  • reinaa pmora♪

    even that I would love to win this beautiful box of birch with samples never earned nothing so that if I touch would be the first you see :) thank you for the chance

  • Samantha E

    I think that gift cards are the best

  • Ging

    gadgets! camera, tablet or cellphone =)

  • Keisa Rogers

    I would love to see more Diamond candles

  • Jo

    I think if you are giving something away,we should just be grateful for whatever it is!

  • Danielle

    I think it would be wonderful to win something that has to do with cameras! But I would LOVE anything that you gave away! It’s wonderful no matter what it is!

  • Cathy F

    Visa Gift Gards or Gift Cards to National chains Walmart, Target, JCPenny’s are always good.

  • Jennifer Mae Hiles

    I like mystery boxes!

  • alisa

    hidden candle, diamond candle, any subscription boxes!!

  • Lisa Burke Cook

    Nail set giveaway that you can do at home and it looks like a salon did it.

  • Lorna England

    I would love a giveaway with Pandora jewelry charms!

  • chelesa sims

    A Car LOL LOL just kits from sephora

  • Rhonda C.

    A digital camera would be cool

  • Deb Sage

    Would be awesome to win a bracelet from “HONESTY JEWELRY” They are so awesome! But, enjoy all your great give aways! :*)

  • Katherine

    A gift card

  • Casey Everidge

    household applicances

  • Mihaela D

    Paypal cash

  • Janet C.

    an iPad, gift cards, camera, etc. I’m fine with anything really (:

  • Tricia Martin

    Gift Cards are always nice! =)

  • Alaina Bullock

    I’d love you to host a giveaway for an Amazon gift card!

  • brittney

    more giftcards for childrens clothing
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  • judy gardner

    maybe a conscious box

  • Angie Adelman

    I would like to see you giveaway a nice manicure set…nail polishes…files…clippers…a dryer…remover…decorations…that is something mothers can do with their daughters..

  • Bonnie F.

    I would love to see a set of luxury bed sheets. Ooooh lala

  • Seyma Shabbir

    Ipad, gift cards :)

  • http://n/a Virginia

    anything in a giveaway is nice :) especially if I win

  • Jessica Houston

    B&N gift card!

  • Radmila

    beauty samples or travel sizes would be good, as well as make up from Armani / Burberry / Dolce & Gabbana / Tom Ford

  • Patricia Mohl

    Grocery cards would come in handy.


    Jewellery or shoes!!

  • sheila foley

    gardening supplies1

  • Carolyn Colley

    I would like some great toys for my grandchildren, they have birthdays coming up.

  • maryam

    some jewellary :)

  • Aaiza I.

    more makeup..especially nailpolishes :))

  • Jenna Parsons

    A cravebox

  • Lindsey Roberts

    I would love to see you give away an awesome vacation to any place with a great beach!! I would definitely enter that sweepstakes every chance that I could !!

  • amber


  • dez

    hmmm it’s difficult to say what I would want you all to give away.
    Perhaps money or a channel purse. Money because I am in college and have no money. Channel because I don’t own any expensive things.
    But given my luck someone else would win it. Hopefully not though :)

  • Nicole Carter

    Ummmmmm I don’t know you guys already giveway tons of awesome things um maybe a washer and dryer set?

  • Rositas

    I’d love to see jewels given away

  • Loredana Macrì

    gift cards!

  • zeny

    money would be awesome. :)

  • Filomena Principe

    beauty samples!

  • Simona Giveaway

    kitchen appliances

  • monique bon

    I would like to see you give away a bracelet next.

    Moniquebbon at yahoo dot com

  • Alycia M

    I would like to see a soda stream giveaway next.

  • Gothicrise

    surprise boxes

  • laurie marciniak

    Some mandarin garnet jewelry would be Awesomesauce.. Soo love the fanta orange color!!!

  • melissa leyh

    any type of gift card :)

  • Lulu

    Some handmade jewelry would be a great prize

  • Billie Bernal

    Id like to see you give away a laptop (bjnalex(at)yahoo(dot)com)

  • roberta***

    makeup or jewelry :)

  • Sharon Rooney


  • jenny c. diano

    i want Soda Stream!

    • wallywonks

      You are in luck! We are currently working on a SodaStream review that will include a giveaway! Woohoo!

  • Katy Emanuel

    I am up for winning anything.

  • Melanie Morin

    I really like gift cards giveaways, like Target or Walmart

  • rebecca


  • Damla

    Dress or top.

  • Pauline M

    How about a Keurig gift set!?!

  • Renee G.

    anything would be fine with me :)

  • Sherri Taylor


  • Paly

    Camera, exercising equipment, nail beauty, etc [:

  • Melissa Wiley

    paypal cash !!!!!!!!!!

  • thuy vu (Ask Super Steve)

    Anything would be great from the Bandit. Since it’s close to back to school, what about something useful for the kids?

  • Sara Logan

    An iPad!

  • Megan

    I love all giveaways, so anything is good for me! :)

  • leann lindeman

    I would like to see a giveaway for a Fujifilm Instax camera!

  • Charlotte C.

    I’d like to see a giveaway for a Bed Bath & Beyond GC.

  • Sandra Easley

    I would like to see a giveaway for The Hunger Games on DVD. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  • Kayla B

    kitchen appliances

  • Janet C.

    handbags (:

  • Cassandra Eastman

    I love baby gear, especially brands like Skip Hop, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Aden+Anais !

  • Diane F

    Gift cards are always great!A Keriug coffeemaker would be great too!

  • shavon

    how about gift cards and purses

  • Marie Howard

    i’m a sucker for perfume!

  • rachel b.

    laptop or mac makeup

  • Melissa Stoneback-Tuttle

    Hmm I’d have three suggestions. 1. A Walmart GC, everyone can use a Walmart GC. :) 2. Keurig and 3. would be a craft supplies gift pack…I think lots are very crafty :)

  • http://twitter Dorothy Sandman

    Gift cards are wonderful!

  • Paul T/Pauline T

    unlocked cell phones – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  • Amanda Throckmorton

    Id so want you to giveaway a new Kindle like the new one that they show on tv that you can read while your partner is sleeping.

  • Amy Honious

    i would like to see some sort of gourmet goody giveaway. thanks!

  • Melinda Dartmann

    I’m not picky lol I would love to win anything!!!

  • Christina S

    A nice keurig!

  • Sara Valoroso

    I would love to see you guys do a hidden treasure candle giveaway

  • maria elena

    sugarpill makeup!

  • Chelle

    att android phone

  • Lisa Puckett

    How about a Keurig? :)

  • Jennifer Jo Archdeacon

    Gift cards are always good.

  • tammy dodson

    More stuff for men maybe tools.

  • Sara Wood

    Gift Card to a makeup store like Ulta or Sephora.

  • Christie R

    A Keurig or makeup things :)

  • Dee N

    Gift Cards are great!

  • micheal dale grim

    i liked to see gift cards from fast food restruants

  • Angela Cash

    I would love to win a gaming system.

  • Melissa Clark

    I love entering all giveaways, so anything would be great! But, if I had to choose something, I would LOVE a Kindle or a Nook!

  • Melissa Fowler

    Soda Stream

  • tamar

    kitchen goodies:)

  • margaret walker

    I would like to see giftcards

  • Inez Cegelis

    I love gift card giveaways

  • Jeannette Laframboise

    As already stated above, I am always a sucker for gift cards. They are so convenient and allow you to get whatever you want. However, I am always happy to win just about anything. ;-)

  • K.Pugh

    I’d love to see you give away living room furniture pieces. Thanks for the chance.

  • Diana Stanhope

    I am in the market for a new apron, something cute and frilly. :)

  • amy marantino

    a fitness/workout DVD

  • 409cope

    I would love to see gift cards.

  • melinda smith

    I think mystery prizes would make it fun.

  • dani marie

    id love some type of electronics like an ipod or a tablet.

  • Theresa

    ipad or wii

  • Kimberly H

    I would love to see more of these type of gift packs they are great.
    Thank you.

  • Leslie

    Cash, Amazon GC’s, Sephora GC’s or GC Codes..etc. Every giveaway you have is a treat!

  • Stacy

    Kindle fire

  • Kelli Matthews

    I would love to see a $1000 Visa Gift Card!!!!

  • Monica Platz

    Gift cards please!

  • Jonathan A

    my sister would love these samples lol, GC are always a great give away!

  • Christina Kelbel

    Gift cards or cash!!

  • s riches

    Something in the automotive area would be a nice giveaway

  • Nina Kimwa

    Gift card!

  • Susan Smith

    Visa, Amazon or Walmart gift cards

  • Ash

    I love beauty products.

  • Natalie

    Giftcard or some kind of nice camera!

  • Carrie

    Surprises are always fun!

  • Jennifer J

    I would like to see a giveaway for an Amazon Giftcard. Thanks!!

  • amy delong

    giftcards,movie packs,game packs

  • Brenda Elsner

    Anything would do! I love gift cards!

  • Marianna

    Kindle fire

  • Angela Erdmann

    I would love to see you giveaway a Keurig or a nice camera

  • Jessica Snow

    Honestly all your giveaways are great and they are very much appreciated.
    Thank you so very much for this giveaway!! =)

  • Teresa Thompson

    Hair and body products.

  • jodi lasher

    I would love to see some power tool giveaways..

  • Tina Rath

    I would love to see you giveaway an iPad! I am so wanting one and winning one is the only way I’ll get it.

  • Paige Kelley

    I love all of your giveaways. Especially the beauty packages! I’d really love to see a great cellphone giveaway or Ipod Touch.. I would love one of those lol

  • laura v

    how about a deluxe spa package. maybe a printer and ink, I am open to things for the home, or beauty, gift cards, since i am on a tight budget and have to pay for my dog’s surgery i won’t have extra money for any beauty boxes.

  • Kim A

    Amazon Gift Card

  • Sandra Beeman

    Sneakers-2 pairs!!

  • http://n/a Jessica Scully

    How fun! Surprise goodies always make a girl’s day! :)

  • Stephanie

    maybe gift cards

  • Sara Campbell

    I would love to see more makeup or gift card.

  • happi shopr

    gift cards – easy for you to ship and winner can buy what they need/want

  • Katy M

    I love giveaways for things I just wouldn’t buy for myself- shoes, clothes, perfume, makeup, iPads !!!, and iTunes gift cards.

    Thanks for being so ultra-generous!!!

  • Nikki Lynn Hanna

    How about a vacation or Ipad

  • Kimberly K.

    Dyson Vacuum

  • Trisha McKee

    A gift basket of chocolate!

  • Linda Walters

    I would like to see you give away an Ipod

  • Heather R

    Something for end of summer vacation. Camping gear?

  • Elizabeth Neal

    I would like to see you giveaway a nice necklace.

  • Gianna

    I love those step2 outdoor/indoor play houses.

  • Laurie Emerson

    Things like school supplies, or school backpacks

  • Sylvia Ortiz

    I would like to see you give away a G3 Cell Phone for T-Mobile :)

  • Tracy Hamill

    Gift cards or even things we can put away for Christmas (toys, electronics, etc)

  • Krissie M

    Anything is fine with me. I tend to go for anything computer, sample or PayPal but, anything works for me!

  • Joy person

    Movie night packs

  • cynthia JM

    Love nail polish, Giftcards, handbags, and electronics.

  • Shelia Garrett

    I would love to win this would be an early birthday gift to me from you..thanks so much