$1,000 Summer Cash Giveaway

$1,000 Summer Cash Giveaway

This has been extended until July 24, 2012!

Wow! Who wants to win a huge cash prize? We are giving away $1,000 in the Hello Summer Giveaway! Happy Home and Family, Diva Fabulosa and a group of amazing bloggers have teamed up to bring you this amazing prize!

What would you do if you win $1000?

Go on a holiday ?
Have a home makeover ?
Go on a shopping spree ?

$1,000 Summer Cash Giveaway

Enter via the Rafflecopter entry form below. Good luck!

  • Giveaway will run June 20 at 12:01 am EST – July 25 at 12:01 AM EST
  • You must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • Entries will be verified.

Wait for the Rafflecopter to load and enter below:

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Melanie Kampman

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  • Vesta Mason

    I will pay off bills and spend some on my 2 year old grandson

  • steve bago

    visit my mom,cant c her 4 20 years

  • I have some relatives that could use some of this cash and of course my local SPCA. Thanks!

  • If I win I will pay down some bills and get my daughter a present for her birthday.

  • Jennifer Holovack

    Pay bills and put it in our saving towards buying a house!

  • Alex Liz Robinson

    I would hope to use it to buy a crib and other nursery furniture.

  • Ann Fudge Cluck

    I would pay a big bill off.

  • april yedinak

    A laptop for my daughter and clothes for all the kids.

  • Debbie Dodson Haas

    Help toward my husband’s med. bills.

  • RhondaP

    I would pay on credit cards!

  • Ted Kooper

    i want a new desk

  • Alyssa F

    it would help me pay for a car that my family desperately needs!

  • Debra Gaswint

    If I won (fingers crossed) I would put it toward a weekend vacation to San Francisco which is only 3 hours away from where my family and I live.

  • Elizabeth K

    I would pay off some HUGE bills!


  • Mia Dentice Carey

    I would get a new fence for the backyard with $1000!

  • Trayce Mc

    I would pay some bills & get my hair done 🙂

  • I will buy my mother a gift for her birthday next month. She has worked so hard overseas for many years now, and there’s never a time I gave her something prized.

  • Lots and lots of bills to pay off! Add a manicure and pedicure…just for me 😉

  • Go on a mini vacation. We realy need a small getaway break. Would like to visit the coast and see the ocean.

  • Leslie Petersen

    I would get my car fixed……cant drive it at the moment 🙁

  • safwan

    i will buy a new gaming pc

  • Throw a block party for my neighbors to get to know each other!

  • Kathy K.

    Pay on some bills.

  • Peter Gladue

    Pay some bills and repay back loans

  • rebeka deleon

    i would put this towards my rent.

  • Ambrielle B

    Pay bills and Christmas gifts!

  • Heidi H

    I would spend it on supplies…

  • I would “stash” it in the bank to hive as a weddinng gift to my son and his fiance for their upcoming wedding!

  • Hollie Leighman

    Save for a down payment for our house

  • Erin K.

    I would use it to pay for school!

  • Sam Kidd

    OMG I don’t stand a chance.

  • Jeff Legg

    would use it to pay for a trip down to Florida to visit our son and our grandson

  • Gricelda Castro

    I would use it for a disneyland trip.

  • Lisa Davis

    pay for medications

  • ray

    i would pay bills. How fun that is lol

  • Alyshia

    I would move!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy Tolley

    am in need of a new hot water tank we just found out that ours has a small crack in it …and take the kids to the fair for a night…thanks so much for this opportunity…

  • LK

    Art supplies, pay bills, more books and prezzies for the family! 😀

  • LAMusing

    I’d use half to pay down some bills and half for some coming expenses

  • Spring Ross

    Buy some books, pay bills….

  • Tammy Guy

    Wow summer awesomeness!

  • Dian Christy

    Give 10% to church, go travelling, treat my mates, give the rest to mom

  • Casey

    Down payment for a new car!

  • Amanda Reeves

    Pay off hospital bills, just had a baby in January.

  • nicole

    well we just moved and have nothing for a stove, dryer or a fridge so Im pretty sure it would be getting them household items we need

  • Anya

    Help the kids with their summer camp cost and save the rest for volunteering abroad next fall. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  • andre sinclair

    i would take the family out.

  • K.Pugh

    I would buy clothes for the kids, and things for our new place. Thanks for the chance.

  • Have a home makeover.:-)

  • Hal Jenner

    Take my wife on vacation

  • Tracy C.

    Pay BILLS!!!

  • Lubka K.

    I will try to fix my health, buy a lot of supplements and undergo eye laser surgery

  • Neil

    I’d buy a new computer, I’ve been wanting one for what seems like forever!

  • Holly Key

    I would finish working on the remodeling of our 40 year old house.

  • Mina C.

    I would buy a computer which I need for designing.

  • If I won the $1000, I would spend it on bedroom furniture for my children. 🙂

  • stacy h

    id fix my front door

  • It would get set aside for a security deposit when we move!

  • Michele Henneman

    I would pay some bills and use some to go to Chicago to visit some friends.

  • pays bills and vacancy

  • I would save my money to go abroad and study.

  • Seth

    I would help my mother with bills and/or save it for a car.

  • I would pay off medical bills- I know not very fun…

  • Kathy M

    If I don’t use it to pay bills, I may buy a badly needed new mattress set. Thanks for the chance to possibly do that through this giveaway.

  • Lisa Welch

    ***there is something wrong with Facebook Group #3 (Jens blah blah blog) It doesn’t open, also when I google search it, it doesn’t open there either.

  • Georgia Beckman

    I am going to San Antonio at the end of August to visit my son’s family. I would use the money to fund my trip!

  • Kimberly O.

    Some towards bills and likely the rest towards a roadtrip!

  • Kristin Gilbert

    I would catch up on bills and fix my car.

  • Kyl Neusch

    on a trip

  • I would take grandchildren on a much needed vacation.

  • jenafer

    I would start with getting my fridge running (I think the circuit board got fried). Then put the rest towards insurance and a vehicle.

  • Save some, spend some on necessities, such as a new mop.

  • WandaB

    I would put it towards my husband’s retirement fund!

  • Stephanie Chukwu

    Help me pay for my car. Senior year especially because this year i have to drive to school with no car to drive in.

  • I will help my daughter set up her 1st apartment!

  • if I won I would get the best seats I could to a Broncos game for my guy


  • Arlene Whitfield

    Pay some bills and spend some on my kiddos! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!

  • Back to school shopping and school fees for my children

  • Kristy Franks

    I Have Alot Of Bills To Pay Off I Am Disabled And I Do Not Have Hardly Nothing I Would Also Like To Take My Wonderful Parents On A Little Vacation They Have Been So Wonderful To Me

  • i wish i hag luck …i would get my bills paid nd off my back nd get my kids a pool nd toys …but i never have luck ..so gud luck to everyone who plays

  • If I win this huge cash, I would purchase online a vacation getaway for my family. since i got married we never had an out of town vacation. I want my kids to know how it feels to go out of the house and spend days outside enjoying and relaxing..

  • janelle Lutgen

    use it towards the new home

  • Kris garvey

    If I was lucky enough to win this, I would put a few hundred in my 3 1/2 month old son’s bank account. I would then pay two months of my car loan, and with any leftover I’d pay other remaining bills since my husband has been unemployed since February.

  • Amy

    I would pay off some debt.

  • books4me

    My mom and I have each lost about 30lbs so I would take us both shopping for new clothes!!

  • Misty

    If I win i am taking my kids on vacation!

  • Holly Mitkowski

    pay some bills including student loans, rent my own place and get some nice furniture!

  • would love to use it for a vacation but would probably be more practical and buy tires for my Jeep & save the rest for my kids Christmas

  • Renee Lawson

    Bills, bills, bills and a little bit of shopping!

  • Gina-marie

    I would treat my boys and hubby to a funfilled action packed weekend at Rotorua!!
    We never seem to be able to have a holiday so the weekend would be packed with things to do .

  • sharon douglas

    Haven’t had a holiday in 7 years so would treat myself to one!

  • Kim Lancaster

    I would take my family out for a special day, and pay some bills.

  • If we won, we would put it to getting a second car because ours died this spring after owning it for 19years.

  • Kathy

    need to fixcar and need tires

  • I would spent it on a holiday.

  • pay bills…

  • Deepak

    Use the money to learn driving from a driving school, don’t know how to drive a car yet….

  • Danielle Williams

    Back to School Clothes for my sister!

  • Debbie Cahoon

    pay off my credit card

  • Cassandra

    help with bills

  • Kim Cowgar

    Pay off my credit card

  • Stacy Hamacher

    Pay for my daughter’s school

  • melissa leyh

    pay off bills..and then buy my kiddos clothes for school…

  • ericka coello

    I’d finish my car payment

  • Barbara Mayes

    I would have to stock my linen closet with all new towels and wash cloths, buy more food storage containers for my kitchen, get each of my grandchildren a special toy,and something special for my two Boston Terriers and my kitty, Lily!

  • Joanna

    I’d use it towards bathroom remodel and getting a new bike

  • Julie Williams

    I would pay bills and take my grandkids out to do something special.

  • Julie Williams

    I couldn’t get anything to pop up on the ” Happy Home and Family” page at all so couldn’t like any of the thing from group 1 or 5.

  • Kim Reid

    Need new tires for the car and pay bills – Thanks!

  • I’d use it toward our home improvement projects

  • Jenna P

    Save it for XMAS! I’ve got a young niece that ain’t gonna spoil herself!

  • Danielle D

    Start fresh someplace else!

  • YES! Who’d not LOVE this!

  • Sync Y

    I would use for my further education .

  • carol

    I would put it towards a cruise trip with my husband

  • Tarah

    Split it between my husbands & sons and let everyone get something fun.

  • Joretta Foster

    pay off a few bills

  • Stephen Saunders

    Buy a much needed and long wanted laptop!!

  • janis kaseman

    I would use it to help pay the bills.

  • Bonnie F

    I would take my kids to six flags or adventureland.

  • jennifer

    I would spend it on my children.

  • Kiara

    I will pay off bills.

  • jose benavides

    I will save it and u it for an emergency

  • steve

    invest in stock market

  • Brandy Batson

    get school supplies for my son with some of it then spoil him rottedn with the rest 🙂

  • William

    I would love to win this!!

  • Colleen

    Buy a new fridge.

  • I’d fix my gutters!



  • Kathy M

    I’d probably use it toward a new sofa. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly do that.

  • chelsey grazier

    I would use it to pay some heavy bills and move my little boy to a better home

  • John Stetson

    It’s off to the beach we go!

  • Gaye M

    I’d use it for college tuition.

  • Ariel Grace

    Trying to get my sisters family out where I live for Christmas. It is really expensive for her so it would help a lot to win!!


    i would use it to replace my windows on my house they are soooo old

  • Renee G.

    helpother ppl with som and spend some with my family and myslf

  • Mary Casper

    I would pay off some bills and buy my daughter something nice

  • Dawn H

    I would use it for Christmas gifts and be so relieved!!!!!!!!

  • Heidi Gail

    I would shop until my fingers cramp.

  • Debbie C

    I would buy my Mom a new recliner and pay the rest to a bill.

  • William Orwosky


  • Angela Neynaber

    We would go on vacation!

  • Alexa B.

    i will spend the money on fixing the transmission in my car.

  • Michael

    Buy stuff with it

  • Rebecca Peters

    I would get my kids school clothes and pay bills

  • Chrystal J.

    I’d buy a new computer and some clothes.

  • Lauren Glover

    I will save it for a house! I have a daughter and one on the way so it will be a big step to save up!

  • r hicks

    would take a nice well deserved vacation

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  • I’d put it aside towards a vacation!

  • Brian Scott

    I would give it to my mom because she deserves it .

  • Tara Woods

    I would buy a treadmill.

  • Krystine

    Definitely pay off some bills, they never end…

  • Kim Smith

    I would use it to put towards books and tution for next semester

  • Jennifer Paige

    I would pay off some bills and use the rest for groceries and movie night.

  • Rebecca H.

    I would be able to afford a dietitian + fixing my husband’s car – sharing a car is hard!

  • Linda Peavy

    I would use the money towards a vacation for my family.

  • Angela J

    Start my Christmas shopping

  • Brenda C

    I am losing my apartment at the end of this month. If I can’t figure out other arrangements, I will need to move several states away to stay with family. I would put that money towards my moving costs… because my pockets are growing cobwebs at this point.

  • Erin E

    I would stock up on diapers, wipes, baby food, formula, clothes for our 3 week old and our 12 month old, toys for both, a hair cut and color for me, and a bottle of wine :o)

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway!
    Erin E
    busymom369 at gmail dot com

  • Heather W

    Put it towards a new air conditioner.

  • Derek T

    If I won, I would use it towards bills!

  • Courtnie

    I’d buy textbooks for my classes

  • amy deeter

    use it toward my trip to myrtle beach

  • hannah

    The money would go towards buying a home for me and my family to live in. *fingers crossed*

  • D Schmidt

    Put it towards my patio cover

  • Mona Zavala

    I’d use it on my art business!

  • Shelley Mitchell

    We need new furniture desperately so this would be a great start for us!!
    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  • Kimberly Deacon

    I would give it to my Son to help with his wedding!

  • kathy pease

    i would pay it on my daughters student loans

  • I would pay off my college debt and buy some nice things for my family and make some repairs to my car

  • Samantha

    I would put it toward my school loans.

  • April Wray

    First I would buy my kids school supplies and clothes then I would pay some bills

  • gmf

    i would buy myself a much needed Kitchen table & chair set

  • Terry Cross

    I’d pay some bills

  • Elizabeth Cutler Moore

    I would spend a little on myself for my birthday which is today,the big 34.Then use the rest on the kids for back to school stuff. Would help out greatly!!

  • Ilham

    give it to my mama.. she needs it.

  • kathy taylor

    Pay some bills !!

  • Bill

    I will help put my daughter who just moved out.

  • Linda Short

    Boring i know, but i’d pay bills!

  • Donna M Byrd

    I would do some serious grocery shopping and some clothes shopping;)

  • Tamara Leonard Merritt

    lIKE lINDA…bills….after I got some filets and lobster..hubby has never had lobster

  • I’d use it towards my road trip I’m starting in August! 🙂 Camping, fuel, hotels/hostels… it’s a low budget trip, so $1000 would be a loooot of money!

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    I would pay some bills and do something fun with my kids, like a trip to the amusement park a few miles away!

  • Cathy Nicley

    would use it to pay some bills, cutting hours again at work, need to get caught up but is hard making less and less

  • Kerry Dunlap

    I would pay off a bill

  • mary gardner

    pay bills

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  • Beverly M

    I would save half and spend the rest on Christmas gifts. Thanks!

  • Sally Laurie

    would pay for my sons 1st birthday party & presents

  • I would go on a shopping spree with my four children and also pay some bills

  • Beverly Youngblood

    Put it towards a much needed vehicle since I dont have one. This would be a great start..

  • Chelle Starfire Futch

    I would buy a king size bed for my bedroom from Amazon!! We have a queen now that is 4 feet off the floor and I hate it!! Especially with a toddler and a newborn within the month!!!

  • AEKZ2

    I’d buy school clothes for my kids, and save the rest for Christmas gifts.

  • brian e.

    Thanks for the giveaway…would buy a laptop for my daughter.

  • Breanne

    I’d buy my sister a plane ticket here.

  • Samantha Eldridge

    I’d go shopping for things on Amazon & I’d finally get a passport so that I could leave the states.

  • Deborah Hogue

    If I won, I would buy food for the family, diapers for the babies and clothes and if I had any left over I would save up to buy an ipad

  • Amanda

    Are these people serious? Shopping for themselves and paying bills? Go to work!! I would give money to charities, especially to the Multiple Sclerosis foundation so they can find a cure for my brother and his MS friends.

  • Gaines Simmons

    I would pay some bills.

  • Trisha McKee

    I would breathe a little easier!

  • I would take my husband on a relaxing vacation because he really deserves it after serving in Iraq and Afghan he has now been made redundant from the army.I have just tarted my own business and work 16 hour days to get my new venture off the ground.

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  • iwant to win ,i want to be debt free

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